Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 8, 2019Storefront

For Mothers of all kinds! Check out our gift guilds, we have everything from the green thumb mom to the crafty DIY mom. We also offer gift wrapping services with the purchase of our hand printed gift wrap $6 Prices are listed below. The Woodlot Wooden Magnet (set of 6) $14 each: Wood Magnets made … Read More

Diana Watters

August 9, 2018Storefront

Vibrant new stock from Diana Watters! Lovely DIY cross stitch kits, fun projects you can do at home! Diana Watters is a local Interior Designer, Fabric/Metal Designer and avid crafter. You can purchase finished 16″ x 16″art pieces on wood panels for $250. DIY kit prices are listed below: Space bot 8″ DIY Kit – … Read More

Handmade Getaway Book!

August 7, 2018Storefront

Plan and create your perfect sewing adventure with the Handmade Getaway Book A book made my local Karyn Valino & Jacqueline Sava. Karyn Valino is owner of The Workroom a fabric and sewing shop that also offers a variety of classes. Jacqueline Sava is Founder & Creative director of Soak products that are “eco-friendly, rinse-free wash cleans … Read More

Mothers Day Gift Guide DIY

May 9, 2018Storefront

For the crafty Mom who’s always looking for a new d.i.y challenge. Kid Icarus has a verity of d.i.y projects/kits such as origami, embroidery, macramé, loom, stamp and pin kits to name a few. Build something with mom this Mothers Day. Prices listed below. Mindfulness Origami Set $20 each, Japanese Origami Paper Pack $15 each … Read More

Screen Printing Workshops for May

April 16, 2018Storefront

We have 2 dates available in May for our Screen Printing Workshop 101. Our workshop covers all the basics of screen printing so you are prepared to set up at home! Stop by or call in to reserve a seat. Seating is limited so do it before it’s all filled up! Dates: Saturday, May 12th, … Read More

Carve-A-Stamp Kit!

April 2, 2018Storefront

Check out these great Carve-A-Stamp Kits by Yellow Owl Workshop. These D.I.Y stamps are perfect for beginners and craft lovers. Each kit costs $38 each and come with: – a large 4″ x 6″ stamp block – all purpose (fabrics & paper) red ink pad – 5 carving blades with wood handle – instructions and over … Read More


December 22, 2017Holiday Season, Storefront

Looking for a project to share with friends and family this season? Take a look at our DIY crafty kits! Prices are listed below, Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-a-Stamp Kit – $38, Speedball Lino Cutter Handle, Speedball Block Printing Ink – $6.50, YOW Easy Indigo Textile Kit – $35, YOW Carve-a-Stamp Pad – $11, Soft Rubber … Read More

Create your own Stamp!

September 15, 2017Do it yourself (DIY)

Feeling crafty? Get inspired by some of our DIY stamp books. We have the tools to get you started on your crafting adventure! Our Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pads are $7.50 each and the 2 sided Carve a Stamp blocks are $11 each.   As for our books… The I Heart stamping by Ishtar Olivera are $25, … Read More

New Workbooks & Colouring Books in Kensington!

April 4, 2016Magazines & Books

We have some awesome new activity books in Kensington filled with the best weekend projects. Looking to do a paper cut project? Hoping to buff up your crochet skills? In the mood to chill out with a colouring book? We’ve got you covered. Check out the new selection of fun DIY books we’ve got in … Read More