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Looking for a project to share with friends and family this season?
Take a look at our DIY crafty kits!
Prices are listed below,

Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-a-Stamp Kit – $38, Speedball Lino Cutter Handle,
Speedball Block Printing Ink – $6.50, YOW Easy Indigo Textile Kit – $35,
YOW Carve-a-Stamp Pad – $11, Soft Rubber Brayer – $16, YOW Emoji Stamp Kit – $25

Yellow Owl Workshop Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit – $25,
Diana Watters Pink Flamingos Cross Stitch – $36,
Kiriki Press Embroidered Chipmunk Doll Kit – $20

Kitchen Lithography: Hand Printing at Home Book – $32, Heirloom Wood Carving Book – $31
Mindfulness: Origami Set, 60 pages – $20, Making Books Guide – $52

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New Lino Carving Workshop – Holiday Edition!

Get into the festive spirit by signing up for our Special Holiday Edition Lino Carving workshop! Come learn how to use Lino to make your own gift tags, Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper, the list is endless.

The Workshop will be taking place Thursday, December 11th 2014 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, all materials included.

Cost – $60 (+HST)

To reserve your spot online- follow the link here, pop into either our Kensington Market or Parkdale locations, or give us a ring!

For a chance to win a spot for free, all you have to do is like and share our Facebook post! Find it here.

Not for you but know a friend who would love to attend? Workshops make perfect gifts too!



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Introducing Lino Carving Workshops!

In addition to our Screen Printing 101 Workshops, may we introduce Lino (Linoleum) carving workshops!

Learn the tools and basics involved in carving soft linoleum. The material is easy to work with and allows any beginner to create a print with very little effort. This workshop will show you how to transfer your drawings or pre-existing images onto the lino, and focus on a few carving techniques that will transform your drawing into a beautiful carved print.

The workshops run for 3 hours with an extra 30 minutes of project time.

For $80 (+ tax) materials are included but feel free to bring along a 4”x 6” digital print out of a drawing or image you would like to carve!

View Workshop Schedule and sign up for workshops!

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Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

Great DIY stamp carving kits by Yellow Owl Workshop  contains everything you’ll need to make your own custom rubber stamp creations! These are perfect for beginner printmakers and ideal for a personal monogram or logo! Each kit contains:

– Carve-A-Stamp block with two sides for carving
– Easy to follow instructions
– Carving tool with multiple blades
– 25 original templates for inspiration
– Cotton Muslin travel bag
– All purpose ink pad for printing on paper, fabric and more

Carve-A-Stamp Kit $35.00



Pair it with the amazing stamp reference book, Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps by Geninne D. Zlatkis for $27.00