September 25, 2019News & Events, Storefront

Addelle McCauley is a Toronto based artist and screen printer. Her work explores the the relationships between corporeality and transcendental states of mind through the themes of ritual and ceremony.

Jackie Lee is a printmaker who specializes in screen printing and independent publications. As well as enamel pins and patches and other fun printed goodies. She also runs extremely fun inclusive/free/diy community arts newspaper called OCCASIONAL DISPATCH

CraftyPawws is a small DIY art works shop with a unique collection of various prints, patches, embroideries and upcycled apparel created by Lauren Eliza Boyko, a small multidisciplinary, freelance artist and musician.


August 22, 2019News & Events, Storefront

Stop by August 25th to see this months featured Pedestrian Sunday artists.
Vicky To, Alexandra Tustin, and Sidney Nielsen will be out in front of
Kid Icarus selling their beautiful merch!

Sidney Nielsen is a Toronto based illustrator and screen printer.
A lover of colour her pieces reflect this. Come see her works of curiosity and whimsy.

Vicky To is a Toronto based artist that specializes in Plastic Fabrication, Printmaking, and Illustration. She’s often hidden away in a shop or studio working away on a new experiment to
combine the three specialities together.

Alexandra Tustin is a freelance illustrator & designer whose work explores analogue media, texture, and digital synthesis. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she recently graduated with a Bachelor of Design, focused in Illustration, from OCAD University.

Handmade Holiday – Janice Kun

December 7, 2018News & Events

Tomorrow is our Handmade Holiday Craft Show!
20 wonderful local crafters will be at St Saint-In-The-Fields Church from 11am-6pm
selling one of a kind merch and the 1st 30 people will be getting a free Kid Icarus loot bag!

Todays feature is Toronto based illustrator Janice Kun

Janice Kun is an illustrator whose work is a distinctive multi-media blend of drawing,
collage, digital and photographic elements. These organic constructions reflect the
dynamic energy of nature, together with the lyricism of music and found street art.

Handmade Holiday – Alisha Davidson

December 4, 2018News & Events

Todays Handmade Holiday Craft Show guest artist is Alisha Davidson

Alisha Davidson is an illustrator and maker based in Toronto, Canada.
Her work has a cheeky fun feel to it! Check out her 12 Months of Wild Women this
Saturday at 103 Bellevue Avenue 11am – 6pm.

Handmade Holiday – Sprouts Press

December 3, 2018News & Events

Todays Handmade Holiday artist is Carolyn of Sprouts Press!
Sprouts Press started with Carolyn’s love of sketch books and journals.
While attending school at OCAD she fell in love with the printmaking department
and the art of papermaking/printmaking.
Then she studied art overseas in Italy and further developed her love for hand bound books.

These objects are designed to be used, well worn and well loved.
That is, it’s strength and integrity.  Like the mighty sprout!

Handmade Holiday – Morihana

December 2, 2018News & Events

Todays Handmade Holiday Craft Show Artist is Morihana!

Morihana was created by Sonia + Gina.
Outside of Morihana, Sonia, works for a popular Swedish company in Sales and Sustainability.
She is also a Jeweller under the brand COVEN by Sonia Kang.

Outside of Morihana, Gina, works as a Financial Analyst in the Green energy sector.
Her passions are rare succulents, cacti, and tropical plants.
She is a star at propagating Pilea Peperomiodes!

Handmade Holiday – Jackie Saik

December 1, 2018News & Events

Todays featured Handmade Holiday Craft Show artist is Jackie Saik,
the owner/creator of Made For The Lake Co.

Made For The Lake Co was originally founded in Muskoka On. near Georgian Bay on a small
lake where Jackie Saik shared a passion for the great Canadian north and great design.

Just an idea in 2017 that was fully brought to life in 2018 when Jackie left Toronto and moved to Muskoka.
MFTL Co. is Born out of love for being outdoors and fully inspired by the
Canadian cottage and camping lifestyle.


Handmade Holiday – Victoria Chin

November 30, 2018News & Events

With a background in design, Victoria Chin is particularly inspired by the structure and
geometric forms found in architecture, which resonate throughout her work.

Victoria’s jewelry collection OXVC (Objects by Victoria Chin) combines ceramics and design.
Each piece is meticulously crafted. From geometric forms to its monochromatic palette,
every aspect celebrates the materiality and processes in ceramics.

Handmade Holiday – Alison Postma

November 29, 2018News & Events

Our featured artist today for the Handmade Holiday Craft Show is Alison Postma!

Alison is based in Toronto, Ontario.
Her work is about the translation of real space into the flat space of a photograph and
what is lost and gained in the process.