Custom screen printing on paper is what we do best. We can print on almost anything flat, from tissue paper to cardboard and wood. Our ability to handle poster production runs in the hundreds doesn’t stop you from ordering just a few if you like. We are able to screen print small things like business cards and merchandise tags, and also larger items like 24″x36″ art prints. Just beyond our brick and mortar storefront resides a fully equipped screen printing studio, where everything is printed in house. Shoppers can watch the action unfold as they peruse our wares.

With every custom job comes a new set of rules. Through consultation we can often find ways to screen print things that seem impossible at first. Screen printing does have its limits, but we push it to the edge, a little more than the average print shop would.

Please note: All poster and art prints that leave the studio are marked on the back with our ‘Handprinted in Toronto by Kid Icarus’ stamp.  It is a traditional printmaking practice for the print house to mark all editions that leave the studio. The stamp is a mark that certifies the authenticity of the print and screen printing process.

kid icarus handprinted stamp