Kid Icarus is a screen print studio and retail shop
located within Toronto’s eclectic Kensington Market.

KI205AUGUSTAMAP_2014 Kid Icarus
Gift & Print Shop

205 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2L4 (MAP)
T: (416) 977-7236
E: info@kidicarus.ca


Dedicated to finding the best in independent contemporary craft, with a focus on paper products, Kid Icarus takes pride in representing locally made items with the highest quality standards. The store’s search will occasionally step out of this boundary for the sake of good design, clever sense, and thought-out detail. Kid Icarus is also an accomplished screen print shop, providing services in an open environment where customers can watch the process unfold before their eyes.



The store is full of Canadian handmade goods from Vancouver to Halifax, and everything in between, with the majority of products coming from the neigbourhoods that make up the Greater Toronto Area. The pursuit for products printed in antiquated or traditional methods also brings in Letterpress cards from a few places in the United States as well.

Along side the carefully curated selection of handmade items is Kid Icarus’ own line of greeting cards, gift wrap and original hand printed items. Each piece is designed and printed with quality in mind, resulting in a unique style that fits the aesthetic of the shop and appeals to a variety of customers.



Formerly Studio Number Nineteen, The Kid Icarus Print Department is the home of master screenprinter Michael Viglione, who has has been churning out posters and art prints since 1999. Aside from printing flatstock, a variety of other materials have been seen leaving the studio such as skateboards, wood boxes, and even metal beer towers. Don’t let the guerrilla mentality fool you, working side-by-side with local artists and indie bands, Kid Icarus has also printed for big names such as Labatts, Red Bull, and Sobe.


In 1999, Michael Viglione ventured out to start his own screen printing shop. Starting out with a simple DIY setup and a brash set of tools, Studio Number Nineteen was born. The service was provided mainly by word of mouth and built up over time. The lack of machinery and the tactile nature of the process became an obsession, and also an appreciation for others who were creating things with their own hands or with machines of a manual nature.

By 2006, the studio was ready to make the leap into retail. However, the concept of  selling posters and art prints exclusively from a street-side storefront was not a sustainable one. After watching many similar stores fail, it seemed to make sense to pool together talent from the local arts and crafts community.

In 2007, Michael’s partner Bianca Bickmore, decided to pursue a more creative future designing her own products. She quit her full time graphic design job to join Kid Icarus. The design sense from both partners combined to create the current asthetic of Kid Icarus.

Summer 2011, Studio Number Nineteen is fully incorporated into Kid Icarus, and the Kid Icarus Print Department is born.



Our little shop in Kensington Market.

Dave Murray + Kid Icarus from kidicarus.

Melinda Josie + Kid Icarus from kidicarus.

Gary Taxali + Kid Icarus from kidicarus.