Create your own Stamp!

September 15, 2017Do it yourself (DIY)

Feeling crafty? Get inspired by some of our DIY stamp books. We have the tools to get you started on your crafting adventure! Our Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pads are $7.50 each and the 2 sided Carve a Stamp blocks are $11 each.   As for our books… The I Heart stamping by Ishtar Olivera are $25, … Read More

DIY Holiday Wrapping

December 22, 2016Do it yourself (DIY)

The countdown is on! Just a few days left until Christmas and we’re getting inspired by making some DIY holiday wrapping paper. Everything you’ll need to stamp your own holiday wrap is included in our Yellow Owl Holiday Stamp Set – retailing for only $25. All products pictured are available for purchase at our Kensington … Read More

DIY Valentine’s Cards!

February 5, 2016Do it yourself (DIY)

Nothing sweeter than a thoughtful card made by hand and from the heart. We want to help you give the gift of a handmade keepsake this Valentine’s day. In our Kensington & Parkdale shops we have all the necessary supplies you would need to make lovely DIY Valentine’s cards! Pictured below is a small selection of … Read More

Paper Kits

December 4, 2015Do it yourself (DIY), Paper, Storefront

Paper Sumo $20, Make Your Own Robot $33.50, Party Origami $17, Kimono Origami Paper $16, Robogami $19 Paper can be fun you say? Yes! It’s true! Check out these fun paper kits that we have at Kid Icarus. Learn how to fold and cut your own Sumo wrestlers, robots, flowers and more. Robogami $19 Fold your … Read More

DIY Cat Tote Bags & Market Tea Towels!

September 14, 2015Do it yourself (DIY), Storefront

In the shop today we’ve got the folks from Yellow Owl Workshop, bringing you the cutest DIY projects you ever did see. We are fully stocked in our Kensington location with these ultra sweet Stencil Projects. Are you a cat lover? A food lover? A do-it-yourself kind of guy/gal? Roll up your sleeves, my friend. … Read More