Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 8, 2019Storefront

For Mothers of all kinds! Check out our gift guilds, we have everything from the green thumb mom to the crafty DIY mom. We also offer gift wrapping services with the purchase of our hand printed gift wrap $6 Prices are listed below. The Woodlot Wooden Magnet (set of 6) $14 each: Wood Magnets made … Read More

Coffee & Tea Lovers

April 5, 2018Storefront

These beautifully designed books are perfect for the coffee fanatic or tea connoisseur in your life. Find out ‘The Science Behind The Bean’ by journalist and food consultant¬†Lani Kingston If you’re more of a steeper than a brewer check out ‘The Science Behind The Leaf’ by Brain R. Keating¬†Founder of Sage Group, & Author Kim … Read More