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Holiday Gift Guide 2

Have a secret Santa, need some stocking stuffer gifts?
We’ve got some great ideas in store for you.
Most of our items are local, and handmade making them one of a kind treasures.
Prices are listed below.

Slip-On Canvas Pencil Case – $14
Ever wish you had a pencil but didn’t want to carry your huge pencil case?
These cases are sized for a couple items so you can always carry your essentials on you!

Horizon Needle Point 0.7 mm Pen – $15
This point knock ballpoint pen is very smooth with a thin application 0.7 point.

Art Genius Playing Cards – $15.50
Deck includes 52 playing cards featuring illustrations of all the big names in the art world. Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Clarke.

Jackie Lee Astro Pup Enamel Pin – $12
Jackie Lee line of space themed prints, patches and pins are perfect for any stocking.

Tate Group White Concrete House Pen Holder – $9
Have a favourite pen you always misplace? Put it in this super cute pen holder.

Ellingwood Soap – $10
Their products have natural ingredients which makes it perfect for those with delicate skin!

Smitten Kitten Toronto The Good Keychain – $8
Re-designed to commemorate Turonno’s iconic neighbourhoods, “Toronto The Good” keychains are an adaptation of classic motel key chains from the 1950’s

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Holiday Gift Guide 1

Shopping for that nature lover or outdoor enthusiasts in your life? We have outdoor crafts and games as well as eco-friendly gift wrap. Stay tuned for our next Holiday Gift Guide!

Prices are listed below:

Eco friendly Furoshiki Gift Wrap – $45
We have several different designs by 20 local artists, Gift Wrap is 24”x24” and 100% cotton, this one is by artist Jenn Kitagawa

Send More Mail Vintage stamps – $6
Each pack is different. Stamp sizes, colours and graphics.

How to Eat in the Woods – $29
This portable guide includes essential information on how to track, trap, kill, and prepare various types of animals; select bait, land fish, and clean and cook the catch, as well as knowledge of recognize edible plants.

Light and Paper Wooden Ornaments – $14
Set of 2 lasercut birch wood holiday ornaments. Comes with red and white string to hang. Perfect for a holiday gift exchange or stocking stuffer.

Noted Eggling planter (Basil) – $16
Crack and grow your plant in a ceramic egg.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods – $29
Broken down into four essential sections, Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety, this useful manual reveals time-tested outdoor skills, including how to catch game without a gun and what plants to eat.

Heirloom Wood Book – $31
A Modern Guide to Carving Spoons, Bowls, Boards, and other Homewares. Heirloom Wood is a love letter to wood’s form and function through simple woodworking projects. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Le Loup 5 in 1 Wolf Key Chain, bottle opener, beard comb, box cutter, and pry. A haberdashery multi tool that looks as good as it works. Whats not to love! Available in 3 different materials listed below.
Stainless Steel – $25
Brass – $30
Titanium – $60

Great Outdoors Playing Cards – $24
These deluxe playing cards bring the beauty of the great outdoors to your fingertips. From the exquisitely detailed card backs to the four suits represented by growing trees, flowing water, every element in this illustrated deck depicts the wonder of nature.

Hatchet Made Organic Cotton Hemp Bento Bag – $23
This bento style bag is perfect to store anything from fruits and vegetables, packed lunches or snacks. Also a great bag to grab on the go! Kids with small toys & toiletries when traveling. Just place your goodies inside and tie a knot.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Happy Fathers Day!
This year show him you really care with Kid Icarus!

We have plenty of great gift ideas for all types of Dad’s.
Puzzles, DIY, Art supplies, Outdoor books and more!

The Illustration Idea Book $25:
Inspiration from 50 Masters!
Help unleash your creativity and solve any brief.

Grids & Guides Micro (comes in blue or black) $12 each:
60 perforated mini-grid sheets perfect for small lists.
Bring it everywhere as your on-the-go notebook.

Pendleton Notebook (set of 3) $22:
Notebooks features 3 unique heritage Pendleton blanket patterns
as the front cover. Rich with colour and tradition.

The Pocket Guide to Spy Stuff Book $16:
Chock full of fun activities and delightful topics like surveillance,
disguises, self-defence, and secret names.

How To Camp In The Woods Book $29:
A complete guide to finding, outfitting,
and enjoying your adventure in the great outdoors.
Basically its a manual for every aspect of equipping, packing,
and setting up no matter where you are!

Knotted Nest Pocket Square $16,
Knotted Nest Wallet $30:
Hand made carefully picked vintage fabrics by Knotted nest!
The wallets are light weight and has added interfacing for structure.

The Book Of Building Fires $25:
Straightforward instructions and helpful how-to illustrations
provide the wisdom and tools for building
a roaring fire with confidence.

Le Loup 5 in 1 Wolf Key Chain, bottle opener, beard comb,
box cutter, and pry. A haberdashery multi tool that looks
as good as it works. Whats not to love!
Available in 3 different materials listed below.
Stainless Steel  $25
Brass $30
Titanium $60

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Mothers Day Gift Guide

For Mothers of all kinds!
Check out our gift guilds, we have everything from the green thumb mom to the crafty DIY mom.
We also offer gift wrapping services with the purchase of our hand printed gift wrap $6
Prices are listed below.

The Woodlot Wooden Magnet (set of 6) $14 each:
Wood Magnets made in Walter’s Falls, Ontario.
Bring a bit of nature home with you.

Noted Ceramic Plant Rock Kits $12 each:
A ceramic pot inspired by nature!
In Basil or Cacti, these growing kits have step by step instructions
to grow rock plants of your very own.

The little Book of House Plants or Cacti $21.50 each:
These Books have a variety of popular cacti and house plants with expert advice on general care.
Plus Fun Photography throughout to show you the unique charter of each plant.

365 Days of Drawing Book $28:
Sketch and paint your way through the creative year.
All drawing can provide a welcome break from our busy lives.
An inspiring daily journal that’s designed to help nurture your creativity.

Bright Ideas Sticky Note Tray $24:
This set of sticky notes will brighten up any workspace.
Ten mini notepads are conveniently displayed in an attractive tray, ideal for any desktop.

Diana Watters Red Fox Cross Stitch $36 each:
Perfect starter kit for kids and adults!
Includes Laser cut wood disk, felt backing, embroidery thread, needle,
colour PDF pattern, stitching basics booklet.

Space Swirl Coloured Pencils $23 each:
Each two-tone coloured pencil has a deep space image by Nasa!
Stellar gift for space or art lovers.

Knotted Nest Napkins $24 each:
Lovingly handmade reversible vintage fabric napkins.
Uniquely different for any table.

How to Make Tea Book $23 each:
This book provides an in-depth look at  the Science behind the leaf.
How to choose the best left and ways to infuse to achieve the best flavour.
How to make Coffee Book also available.

Ellingwood Soaps $10 each:
Ellingwood makes all natural soap, candles and body care products.
All products are Vegan and synthetic fragrance free, for even the most delicate of skins.

Xenia Taler Ceramic Coasters $38 each:
Xenia Taler is a Toronto based artist,
These beautifully designed porcelain coasters come in sets of 4 complete with cork bottom.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Gift guide for rad moms!

The day is fast approaching and Kid Icarus has a great selection for you to choose from.
We have new bamboo coasters and feminist cross stitch books.
Come check it out!

Keep Co Swan Jewelry Dish $40, Hinkleville Striped Mug $40
Light and Paper Wood Anatomical Heart $90,
and there Bamboo Coasters (4 pack) $38

Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch Book (30 designs) $24, Hemp Cord Spool $8 each,
Double L Decor Cement Teardrop Planter $28, Marble Sticky Memos $2,
Feminist Journal (with inspirational quotes) $15,

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Looking for a project to share with friends and family this season?
Take a look at our DIY crafty kits!
Prices are listed below,

Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-a-Stamp Kit – $38, Speedball Lino Cutter Handle,
Speedball Block Printing Ink – $6.50, YOW Easy Indigo Textile Kit – $35,
YOW Carve-a-Stamp Pad – $11, Soft Rubber Brayer – $16, YOW Emoji Stamp Kit – $25

Yellow Owl Workshop Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit – $25,
Diana Watters Pink Flamingos Cross Stitch – $36,
Kiriki Press Embroidered Chipmunk Doll Kit – $20

Kitchen Lithography: Hand Printing at Home Book – $32, Heirloom Wood Carving Book – $31
Mindfulness: Origami Set, 60 pages – $20, Making Books Guide – $52

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Holiday Gift Guide #2 – His & Hers

Shopping for that special  someone?
Spread the love this season with our handmade local gifts.
Stay tuned for our next Holiday Gift Guide!

Prices are listed below,

Brand & Iron 6oz Flask – $45, & Mini Keychain Flask – $22,
Brand & Iron Leather Keychain Fob – $32, Solid Brass Key Hook – $35, & Candle – $34

Jen Ellis Concave Circle Studs – $35, & Droplet Studs – $30,
Jen Ellis Calliope Necklace – $60, Drop Ring -$35, & Bar Ring – $38,
Hinkleville Ring Holder – $25, Julie Moon Halo Drop Studs – $40, & ZigZag Necklace – $70

Hankies – $18 each,  HatchetMade Shibori Pouch – $27,
Oh So Retro Herringbone Wool Wallet – $36, Moonlight for Violet Studs – $20 each





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Holiday Gift Guide #1 – Kitchenware

Need to check that Kitchenista off your list? We have a little bit of everything, from beer brewing notebooks, to tea towels, and recipe cards. Stop by the shop, we got you covered!

Prices are listed below,

Cuppow Jar – $3,  Cuppow Lid – $11,  Kid Icarus Recipe Cards – $8,
Rifle Paper Co. Citrus Recipe Tin – $38,  Bread & Butter Merman Mug – $42


Brew it Yourself – $18,  Rifle Paper Co. Cocktail Recipe Cards – $14,
Rcboisjoli Bar Towel – $25,  Xenia Taler Porcelain Coasters – $38


Knotted Nest Coasters – $14,  Rifle Paper Co. Market List – $12,  Cabin Journal Tea Towel – $25,
Keep House Napkin – $28,  Moonbeam Stars and Lightning Dish – $22,
How to Make Coffee Book – $22

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017!

Having trouble finding a Father’s Day gift? Take a look at our gift guide. We have multiple options from the fashionista father to the adventure seeker. 

For the disorganized dad,

Apricot Morning’s Journal for $40

rcboisjoli Dice & Hand Hanky – $18 each.

Karl Zahn Contour Key Ring Drop for $25.

Pocket Squares by Knotted Nest– $18

Lanyard by Apogee Handmade – $26

Dominion Leather Wallet – $80 each.

Delfonics Wood Pen & Pencil – $15 each.

For the do-it-yourself dad,

Build It Yourself Book – $35

Ceramics Bible – $57

Yellow Owl Workshop Thank You Stamp – $14

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Pad – $7.50 each.

Carve a Stamp Kit – $38

For the adventure-seeking dad, 

Rifle Paper Co. Bon Voyage Journal – $18

Knotted Nest Passport Holder – $12

Jonathan Wayne, Vintage Map Coasters (Set of 6) – $24

Kid Icarus Greeting’s From Toronto Postcards – $3 each or $15 for a pack of 6

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mom deserves the best – and we’ve got some great ideas in store for you. Shop local and support the maker community with these unique gifts and goods. We’ve got a few new screen printed Mother’s Day cards in store and have created a little collection of treasures that would pair nicely!

All pieces selected are available in-store and are almost entirely Canadian made. Prices can be found below!

From left to right:

Feminist Journal – $15

Amethyst Studs by Rare Specimens – $40

Lavender Washi Tape – $5

Xoxo Button by Kid Icarus – $2

Ceramic Dish by Ness Lee – $40

Floral Notepad by Rifle Paper Co. – $10

Knitted Cacti by Shannon Gerard – $25

Glitter Heart Keychain by Corey Moranis – $15

You Do You Card by Kid Icarus – $5

Fabric Coasters by Knotted Nest – $14

French Lavender Soap by Ellingwood Soap Co. – $9

From left to right:

Rose Candle by Ellingwood Soap Co. – $25

Triangle Pouch by Bookhou – $22

Ceramic Poppy Brooch by Julie Moon – $40

People to Kill Notebook by Explorer’s Press – $22

Cougar Mom Card by Kid Icarus – $5

Eyelash Brooches by GuyGuyGuy – $16

Creative Leather Jewelry – $25

Delfonics Pen & Pencil – $15 ea.

Knitted Cacti by Shannon Gerard – $25

From left to right:

Nasty Mom Card by Kid Icarus – $5

Green & Pink Hemp – $8 ea.

Knitted Cacti by Shannon Gerard – $25

Jelly Boob Sticker by Allison & Cam – $3

Tulip Emoji Mug by Rosehound Apparel – $18

Put Your Stamp On It – $26

Pink & Watermelon Washi Tape – $3.75

Cat Tea Towel by Claire Manning – $18

Watermelon Notebook – $20

Watermelon Earrings by Piglet Miniatures – $20

From left to right:

Mom Pin by Sad Truth Supply – $12

Cozy Ceramic Mug by PMO Design – $18

Thanks for Looking Out Card by Kid Icarus – $5

Donut Earrings by Piglet Miniatures – $20

Secret Garden Colouring Book – $30

Orange Washi Tape – $5

Ceramic Coasters by Xenia Taler – $37

Donut Plush by Jordynn Mackenzie – $15

Rose Keychain by Sad Truth Supply – $20