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Mothers Day Gift Guide DIY

For the crafty Mom who’s always looking for a new d.i.y challenge.
Kid Icarus has a verity of d.i.y projects/kits such as origami, embroidery, macramé, loom, stamp and pin kits to name a few.

Build something with mom this Mothers Day.
Prices listed below.

Mindfulness Origami Set $20 each, Japanese Origami Paper Pack $15 each

Kiriki Press Doll Kits $20 each, Kiriki Press Starter Kits $46 each

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Looking for a project to share with friends and family this season?
Take a look at our DIY crafty kits!
Prices are listed below,

Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-a-Stamp Kit – $38, Speedball Lino Cutter Handle,
Speedball Block Printing Ink – $6.50, YOW Easy Indigo Textile Kit – $35,
YOW Carve-a-Stamp Pad – $11, Soft Rubber Brayer – $16, YOW Emoji Stamp Kit – $25

Yellow Owl Workshop Alphabet Rubber Stamp Kit – $25,
Diana Watters Pink Flamingos Cross Stitch – $36,
Kiriki Press Embroidered Chipmunk Doll Kit – $20

Kitchen Lithography: Hand Printing at Home Book – $32, Heirloom Wood Carving Book – $31
Mindfulness: Origami Set, 60 pages – $20, Making Books Guide – $52

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Holiday Gift Guide #2 – DIY Knit!

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a crafty loved one can be tricky. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Kid Icarus we’ve got all kinds of DIY kits for those interested in picking up a new knit/embroidery hobby, or knitters looking for an awesome new project.

All pictured kits are available at our Kensington location, select kits are also available at our Parkdale outpost.



Piece of Cake – $22

Cupcake – $22

Sushi – $22

Donut – $22


Panda – $46

Wolf – $46

Fox – $46

Fiesta Cat – $20

Raccoon – $20

Hedgehog – $20

Bear – $20

Squirrel – $20

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School’s Out!

School’s out!  Summer’s finally here and we’ve got crafty projects for all ages and skill sets!

Portable studio box sets are perfect for keeping in touch with friends who’ve gone away for the summer months! Watercolour and coloured pencil postcards kits, and colour me in note cards packs make sending mail even more personal and fun!
Watercolour postcards $23.95, Coloured pencil postcards $25.00, Colour-Me-In notecards $19.95


Taking a trip or looking for something  to do while relaxing in the park or at the beach? We’ve got great, easy to follow knit a cupcake, crochet fox, and woodland animal needle point kits.
Happy Seamstress Cupcake Knitting Kit $20.00, Sushi Knitting Kit $20.00, Hello Morico Crochet Fox Kit $ 20.00, DIY Barn Owl Embroidery Starter Kit $46.00


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Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits

Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits at Kid Icarus

These embroidery kits by Kiriki Press are great for the beginner or experienced needle-worker alike. Stitch up a Barn Owl, Monkey, Horned Owl, or Tabby Cat. The Starter Kits include everything you need to get started in the world of embroidery and make your very own embroidered plush doll, while the smaller kits include the pattern, thread, and stuffing.

We’ve started the more advanced Barn Owl kit to show you how quickly it all comes together.

Kiriki Press D.I.Y. Embroidered Doll Starter Kit $46.00; D.I.Y. Embroidered Doll Kit $20.00

Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits at Kid Icarus

Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits at Kid Icarus

Kiriki Press Embroidery Kits at Kid Icarus