Treat Yo’ Self! Rings & Things

January 15, 2016Jewelry, Other Things Handmade, Storefront

Have you started your hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift? We wanted to give you a little early inspiration.

At Kid Icarus we work hard to select special jewelry often handmade by local (Canadian) makers!

Looking for a little mid-month pick me up? TREAT YOURSELF to some sparkly new hand-candy!

All of the gorgeous rings pictured are available for purchase at our Kensington location.

If you are headed to our Parkdale Outpost looking for a specific piece – please call ahead!



New in the Shop – Hoi Bo!

January 11, 2016Other Things Handmade, Paper

Kid Icarus is very eager and excited to announce that we are now carrying the beautiful bags by Sarra Tang of Hoi Bo! Sarra Tang is a Canadian designer actively making things with Hoi Bo since 2007. Her studio and flagship store can be found in Toronto’s hip distillery district.

These high quality bags and clutches are like no other, hand made from paper which is specially treated with a natural binding agent that is flexible making the bags durable and machine washable. You would never know that it was paper.

Hoi Bo bags and clutches are luxury pieces that will last for years.

Hoi bo is available at our Kensington and Parkdale locations! Get them while you can – they are going fast!


Small Paper Clutch – $26.00

Paper Clutch – $30.00

Paper Market Shopper – $ 58.00


Carriage 44 – A Fresh Start in 2016!

January 10, 2016Home Decor, Other Things Handmade

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked Carriage 44! These gorgeous soaps are guaranteed to help you achieve a clean slate this new year!

Here at Kid Icarus we carry a wide selection of these lovely all natural handmade soaps.

Scents such as, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, rose, oatmeal, mud, urban garden, and the ever musky “no.1” are all available at our Kensington location.

Get that fresh start feeling you’ve been hankering for since 2016 began.

You’re going to love these luxurious Canadian-made soaps!



Holiday Gift Guide #8 – STOCKING STUFFERS

December 20, 2015Holiday Season, Other Things Handmade

Lets talk Christmas stockings, and, more specifically, what to fill them with!

Totes and pins are the perfect gifts to slip inside a stocking. Compact, cute, and filled with potential to suit unique personalities. These stocking stuffers will definitely not disappoint.
Check out some of our coolest pins and totes that will be a hit with your friends and family this holiday season!

All items pictured are available at our Kensington location.
Most items are also available at our Parkdale outpost.
Please call ahead if you are looking for something specific!









Holiday Gift Guide #7 – Ceramics!

December 19, 2015Home Decor, Other Things Handmade

Can’t go wrong this holiday season with the gift of some handmade, local ceramics!

We’ve got an incredibly wide selection of beautiful & unique ceramic items here at Kid Icarus.

Shop local this holiday season!

All items pictured are available at our Kensington location. Select items are available at our Parkdale Outpost. Please call ahead for something specific!



Holiday Gift Guide #6 – THATS A WRAP!

December 18, 2015Holiday Season, Other Things Handmade, Paper

Hopefully your holiday shopping is nearing it’s end… So we thought we’d give you some wrapping ideas!

Here at Kid Icarus our wrapping paper is quite unique in the sense that every sheet is designed & screen printed by us!

We’ve got lots of adorable washi tape to spice up your gifts, and a variety of wrapping paper/ribbon colours to choose from.

All wrapping supplies are available in both our Kensington & Parkdale locations.

Happy wrapping!



Holiday Gift Guide #4 – DIY Books & Plush Toys!

December 16, 2015Do it yourself (DIY), Holiday Season, Other Things Handmade

The most fun and exciting gifts often are full of imagination, creative energy, and potential.

We would love to help you give the gift of FUN.

With a wide variety of DIY kits ranging from knitting to calligraphy, as well as tons of handmade plush toys, you can give someone a special project or a special friend this holiday season!

All items pictured are available at our Kensington location, select items available at our Parkdale outpost! (if you are looking for something specific please call ahead).





Holiday Gift Guide #3 – Black Pine Bonsai!

December 13, 2015Do it yourself (DIY), Home Decor, Other Things Handmade, Uncategorized

Looking for a super cute, super seasonal “grow your own” kit? Look no further!

This adorable black pine bonsai kit has everything you need to grow a little pine tree, perfect for this time of year.

Pull a Charlie Brown Christmas and hang a big ol red ornament on it, or let it live on your desk at the office! Either way, this little guy will surely spruce up your space (pun totally intended).

These bonsai kits are sold packaged up inside beautiful Japanese ceramic pots.

Available at our Kensington location!


Black Pine Bonsai ~ $22 ~


Holiday Gift Guide #2 – DIY Knit!

December 12, 2015Do it yourself (DIY), Holiday Season, Other Things Handmade, Storefront

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a crafty loved one can be tricky. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Kid Icarus we’ve got all kinds of DIY kits for those interested in picking up a new knit/embroidery hobby, or knitters looking for an awesome new project.

All pictured kits are available at our Kensington location, select kits are also available at our Parkdale outpost.



Piece of Cake – $22

Cupcake – $22

Sushi – $22

Donut – $22


Panda – $46

Wolf – $46

Fox – $46

Fiesta Cat – $20

Raccoon – $20

Hedgehog – $20

Bear – $20

Squirrel – $20