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Create your own Stamp!

Feeling crafty? Get inspired by some of our DIY stamp books.
We have the tools to get you started on your crafting adventure!

Our Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pads are $7.50 each and the 2 sided Carve a Stamp blocks are $11 each.


As for our books… The I Heart stamping by Ishtar Olivera are $25,
The Yellow Owl Workshop Little Prints are $23, and the Print Workshop are $23.


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DIY! Paracord & Knotting Projects!

We’ve got a new book in both Kensington & Parkdale serving as great motivation to pick up a new hobby!

This DIY book called “Made in Paracord” is an awesome tool with lots of great project ideas inside. We tried our hand at some paracord knotting and were able to make a couple of necklaces!

You will be amazed by the variety of different DIY pieces that can be made with paracord.

Try your hand at some knotting projects with this informative book!




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DIY Valentine’s Cards!

Nothing sweeter than a thoughtful card made by hand and from the heart.

We want to help you give the gift of a handmade keepsake this Valentine’s day.

In our Kensington & Parkdale shops we have all the necessary supplies you would need to make lovely DIY Valentine’s cards!

Pictured below is a small selection of tools you can use in order to create your Valentine’s masterpiece.

Regardless of your skill level or artistic expertise, handmade cards are accessible to anyone wishing to make something special for a loved one. Get creative in 2016!



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Holiday Gift Guide #4 – DIY Books & Plush Toys!

The most fun and exciting gifts often are full of imagination, creative energy, and potential.

We would love to help you give the gift of FUN.

With a wide variety of DIY kits ranging from knitting to calligraphy, as well as tons of handmade plush toys, you can give someone a special project or a special friend this holiday season!

All items pictured are available at our Kensington location, select items available at our Parkdale outpost! (if you are looking for something specific please call ahead).





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Holiday Gift Guide #2 – DIY Knit!

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a crafty loved one can be tricky. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Kid Icarus we’ve got all kinds of DIY kits for those interested in picking up a new knit/embroidery hobby, or knitters looking for an awesome new project.

All pictured kits are available at our Kensington location, select kits are also available at our Parkdale outpost.



Piece of Cake – $22

Cupcake – $22

Sushi – $22

Donut – $22


Panda – $46

Wolf – $46

Fox – $46

Fiesta Cat – $20

Raccoon – $20

Hedgehog – $20

Bear – $20

Squirrel – $20

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DIY Cat Tote Bags & Market Tea Towels!

In the shop today we’ve got the folks from Yellow Owl Workshop, bringing you the cutest DIY projects you ever did see. We are fully stocked in our Kensington location with these ultra sweet Stencil Projects. Are you a cat lover? A food lover? A do-it-yourself kind of guy/gal? Roll up your sleeves, my friend.


~ $35 for a box full of possibilties ~

~ an adorable example of a finished product ~


~ a Market Tea Towel in progress! $35 for this guy ~