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Raincoast Stamp Sets

Raincoast stamp garden, stamp bugs, and sea stamps stamp kits

We’ve restocked on Raincoast stamp kits and added “Sea Stamps” to our growing collection! These kits are perfect for nature lovers and creatives. The diverse range of shapes allows artistic freedom to assemble your perfect garden, bugs, or sea critters.

Each kit includes 25 wood-backed rubber stamps, a double ink pad, an artist statement, and a matchbox-styled box for storing your stamps!

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Create your own Stamp!

Feeling crafty? Get inspired by some of our DIY stamp books.
We have the tools to get you started on your crafting adventure!

Our Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pads are $7.50 each and the 2 sided Carve a Stamp blocks are $11 each.


As for our books… The I Heart stamping by Ishtar Olivera are $25,
The Yellow Owl Workshop Little Prints are $23, and the Print Workshop are $23.


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Make Your Own Custom Stamp With Kid Icarus

Put the finishing touches on your latest creative endeavour with a custom made stamp! Perfect for branding business initiatives or sort of start up project.

Stamps can be made entirely custom to suit any design or can be made using one of our return address templates.

Click here to find our design specs for submitting a custom stamp design & to see our return address templates.

Our turnaround time is 10 days once we have received full payment. Don’t wait – get started on your own custom stamp today!



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DIY Holiday Wrapping

The countdown is on! Just a few days left until Christmas and we’re getting inspired by making some DIY holiday wrapping paper.

Everything you’ll need to stamp your own holiday wrap is included in our Yellow Owl Holiday Stamp Set – retailing for only $25.

All products pictured are available for purchase at our Kensington shop. Get creative this holiday season and make your mark with one of a kind wrapping paper!








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New Yellow Owl Workshop Goodies!

We’re so excited to have some new cards & DIY tools in our Kensington shop from Yellow Owl Workshop!

To say happy birthday, to congratulate, or just to say thanks – these risograph printed cards are a sweet sentiment for any occasion.

Also check out these awesome Yellow Owl DIY stamping tools! The crafting inspo is definitely potent here.

All products pictured are available for purchase at our Kensington Market location!





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Ultimate Party Loot Bag

Build your own loot bags to use a party favours or fun unconventional gifts!

Patterned bag $5.00 for pack of 10, buttons $2.00, ice cream eraser $2.00, twig pencil $2.00, LePen $2.50, Kid Icarus mini notebook $2.00, paperways notebook $4.00, twine spools $4.00
Deluxe bag upgrade: Rubber samp $12.00, Mini Stamp pad $4.00, Mini Coloured Pencil Set $10.00



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Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

Great DIY stamp carving kits by Yellow Owl Workshop  contains everything you’ll need to make your own custom rubber stamp creations! These are perfect for beginner printmakers and ideal for a personal monogram or logo! Each kit contains:

– Carve-A-Stamp block with two sides for carving
– Easy to follow instructions
– Carving tool with multiple blades
– 25 original templates for inspiration
– Cotton Muslin travel bag
– All purpose ink pad for printing on paper, fabric and more

Carve-A-Stamp Kit $35.00



Pair it with the amazing stamp reference book, Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps by Geninne D. Zlatkis for $27.00