Bellwoods Brewery Posters

New Posters for Bellwoods Brewery, a micro brewery in Toronto located on the Ossington strip.  Posters designed by Matt McCracken of Doublenaut for two of Bellwoods’s craft beers, Monogamy and Wizard Wolf will be available for sale in their retail shop plus a limited number of prints will be available for purchase here at Kid Icarus for $35.00.

Wizard Wolf -2 colour 18″x24″, Monogamy 5 colour 18″x24″





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4 comments on “Bellwoods Brewery Posters”

  1. Jordynn Mackenzie

    Hi Nick!

    They’re not on the online store, but you can send us an email or give us a call. If any are still available, we can ship to you.


  2. Dale

    Hello there!

    I came across this poster (Monogamy, that is) a few months ago and could kick myself for not buying it then.

    I have sent an e-mail across to the Bellwoods Brewery store to find out if they still have it in store and decided to e-mail you guys as well to see if you still have it around as well.

    Would appreciate a response.


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