Heritage Prize Poster Reveal

April 18, 2020Art Prints for Sale, Band Posters, Poster Prints, Posters, Print Department
Polaris Heritage Prize 2019 - DOA for album Hardcore 81 and The Oscar Peterson Trio for the album Night Train

The Polaris Heritage Prize for 2019 was announced on Thursday April 16th. 2 albums were recognized this year; D.O.A. for the album Hardcore 81, and The Oscar Peterson Trio for the album Night Train.

These screen printed posters were hand printed by us and designed by Paddy Duddy and Tom Froese. More information on the Polaris website.

These are limited edition prints! We only have a few prints available at the shop. If we are sold out please check out the Polaris website here to purchase.

Goose Island

November 24, 2018Art Prints, Poster Prints

Check out this beautiful print for Goose Island Brewhouse.
If you missed the release party on November 23rd for the
Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout 2018
you can still purchased the print with us!

This 18″ x 24″ poster is on brown paper with 5 colours including 3 different coloured metallic inks!
You can pick one of these up for $35.


Poster Printing for Cry Wolf’s OSSFEST

July 21, 2016Poster Prints

We just wrapped the printing of these awesome posters designed by Toronto makers over at Cry Wolf! It’s always a blast to work in collaboration with local artists for local events.

Ossington’s first ever street festival is this Saturday and posters will be available for sale at the event! If you can’t make it, drop by our Kensington shop where we’ll have the posters for sale, retailing at $22 each.

Come on out to support local makers & local businesses!



Posters for Dark Carnival!

July 9, 2016Poster Prints

We screen printed some poster prints for Rue Morgue Dark Carnival – Horror Culture & Entertainment Expo. The event will be running this weekend, if you’re in Hamilton & love a good scare, check ’em out! These posters are retailing at our Kensington shop for $22 a piece.



Prints for Michael Johnston Music Studio!

March 16, 2016Poster Prints

We did this lovely print recently for Michael Johnston Music Studio.

If you would like to attend their 9th-annual Student Recital check out their website to reserve a seat!

These posters are available for purchase in our Kensington shop, retailing for $35.



Workerbee Supply Co. Shoutout!

February 10, 2016Poster Prints

A little motivation for February!

We’ve been loving the inspirational quotes & amazing designs from WorkerBee Supply Co.!

Workerbee Supply Co. has an awesome mission statement that we are totally on board with. They work towards promoting & inspiring companies/individuals to work with purpose. What an impactful & necessary initiative!

We love printing the truly unique designs brought to us by WorkerBee. Local makers working with local makers = a match made in heaven.

Can’t wait to share the newest print we’re working on with these busy bees!

WorkerBee prints are available for purchase in both our Kensington & Parkdale locations retailing at $35.

Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific print! Sadly we are sold out of this gorgeous print designed by Sandi Falconer.

 workerbee promo MNLP

Worker Bee Supply Co. ~ New Print!

January 13, 2016Art Prints, Art Prints for Sale, Poster Prints, Posters, Services

“Beginnings take place around us everyday. This print acts as a gentle reminder to face, accept, and manage these fresh starts and enjoy the process instead of rushing for the finish.” – Worker Bee Supply Co.

We’re so excited to have printed another awesome design by Jen Collins for Worker Bee Supply Co.! Jen Collins is a Scottish illustrator & maker currently based in Toronto. Collins works with a very handmade aesthetic that we are loving.

Can’t wait to see whats next for Worker Bee!

This 11″ x 14″ is $40 and now available for purchase at our Kensington location – stop by to check out this beauty in person!



Posters for Ethnic Aisle!

November 12, 2015Art Prints, Art Prints for Sale, Poster Prints, Posters, Print Department

Ethnic Aisle is a publication that “collects and links to the thoughts of mouthy bloggers, journalists and everyday peeps who actually hail from those mysterious diverse communities you hear so much about. Its focus is race and ethnicity.” – Ethnic Aisle

Ethnic Aisle recently became a sustainable publication! They are hosting an event today (November 12th, 2015) thanking their readers and donors for their support.

Today’s event will focus on issues surrounding the concept of “intersectionality.”

For more info about the publication and today’s event please visit their website.

If you can’t make it to the November 12th event, the screenprinted posters we printed will be available for purchase in our Kensington location!

We loved printing these posters for such an awesome event!


City of Patties, 12″ x 18″ 4 colour print, on 100 cover stock.

~ $22 ~



Ethnic Aisle designed by Sarah Gonzalez, 12″ x 18″ 4 colour print, on 100 cover stock.

~ $22 ~