We’ve got a great selection of Father’s Day cards and gift ideas for your #1 Dad!
Looking for the perfect gift with the right amount of subtlety? It’s hard to go wrong with the “You’re Great” poster designed and screen printed at Kid Icarus, a sure-fire way to one up your siblings!  Your Dad’s more of a practical man? Dominion Leather wallets and key lanyards are hand made in Montreal, sleek and dutiable, plus these will look great on anybody, guaranteed!

Hand printed Father’s Day cards $5.00 – $6.50 each; Kid Icarus Screenprinted “You’re Great” poster $40.00 or framed for $90.00; Dominion Leather Bifold wallet $80.00; Dominion Leather Lanyard $40.00

Father's Day cards at Kid Icarus
You're Great Poster

Dominion Leather Goods for Kid Icarus


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