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Cool stuff for your loved one

February 14th is quickly approaching! Looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got lots of gifts and cards at a variety of price points for your loved one.

Steve Manale Date Series, Double Date (12″x16″) – $30, Dinner Date (11″x14″) – $30, Blind Date (11’x14″) – $30, Hot Date (11″x14″) -$30

Crochet Cactus made by Shannon Gerard – $34, Ball Jar 500ml – $3, Red & burgundy Le Pens – $2.50 each, Pink & red Pilot G-Tec ultra fine pens – $5 each, 2″ red dots washi tape – $15, Washi tape 3 pack in pink – $15, Marimekko notebook collection (3 notebooks included) – $20, Millimeter Milligram Class Notes in red – $8

Ceramic heart pin made by Julie Moon – $50, Moonlight for Violet earrings – $20 each pair, Porcelain ring holder (top right) hand made by Grace Eunmi Lee – $70

Getting a gift? We have kraft jewellery boxes wrapped with your choice of ribbon. – $1.50

Greenwich enamel heart pin – $13 each, Kid Icarus buttons – $2 each

All items featured in this post are available at our Kensington Location @ 205 Augusta Ave.

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Gift wrapping accessories

Dress up your holiday gifts this year with our fancy gift wrap, decorative tape, gift tags and twine. We have everything you need to make your gifts extra special.

Kid Icarus screenprinted gift wrap $4.00 per sheet. Screenprinted gift tags $6.00 for set of 6
Washi tape $5.00 per roll
Colored twine $ 4.00 each
Rifle Paper Holiday Stickers and Labels $11.50
Side Show press wood veneer tape $18.00 Wood veneer gift tags $8.00 for set of 5



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DIY Musical Instruments

Build and decorate your own musical instruments with these super fun DIY kits! Great for all skill levels and ages (some help needed from parents for the youngsters). These comprehensive boxed sets include all the necessary components to create fully functioning ukuleles or bongo drums.

This is a great gift item! Not only is there an interactive building component, the end product is easy and fun to play.

DIY Ukulele $46.00 DIY Bogo Drums $46.00




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Washi Tape

Washi Tape at Kid Icarus

Washi Tape at Kid Icarus

Few things have enabled crafters and DIY peeps to so easily and beautifully step up their paper craft and gift-wrap game than washi tape (Japanese paper tape that comes in a variety of colours and is easy to remove and re-position), and we’re excited to announce that a whole bunch of new colours and designs have just rolled through the door.

Washi Tape at Kid Icarus

Washi Tape at Kid Icarus

The possible uses for washi tape are endless, and go beyond simply using it to stick stuff to…other stuff. Folding small pieces of tape around string or baker’s twine and then cutting the corners to form triangles is an easy way to make cute bunting (shown in the very first photo), or you could wrap it around a toothpick and make similar cuts for super easy cupcake topper flags or decorative utensilsSee? Endless!

Washi Tape at Kid Icarus