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AT.AW: Orphans, Strays and Twees

Eric of AT.AW. recently brought in a new batch of his handmade plush toys: Orphans, Strays and Twees.

Don’t wait – Adopt one today! AT.AW. Orphans $28.00; Strays $30; Twees $10

Read more about AT.AW. and the Orphans here:

The Orphans were initially a street art series that I developed while I was in the UK and was looking for a way to enliven the often dreary urban environment by wrapping these hand drawn characters around postal boxes, utility poles or anywhere else that I felt was left derelict and needed some loving(although the very first one I did was at the Letteiri’s on Queen and Spadina while bored out of my mind at work…). In doing this, I was toying around with ideas of a mass produced artwork and the way it can create a textiled urban environment that both uniquely proclaimed the artwork/style and suggested a more positive outlook for the city.