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Everlovin’ Press – New Stuff!

We have great letterpressed goods from Kingston Ontario based Everlovin’ Press.

ELP_Xmas_set_smChristmas Card Set of 4 letterpress greeting cards w/ envelopes. $18 each. Design by Tom Froese

ELP_prints_sm‘Foodstuffs’ letterpress print, part of the ‘Canadianist’ series. $20 each. Design by Tom Froese
‘Fashion’ letterpress print, part of the ‘Canadianist’ series. $20 each. Design by Katy Dockrill

framedWe have a few ‘Greetings from Canada’ letterpress postcard sets left at our Kensington location. $40 for a set of 10 different postcards. Each postcard is designed by a different Canadian artist.

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CNE Postcards

Despite the noisy large crowds, stomach-churning rides and questionable food choices – the CNE still rules. Bid it, and summer, goodbye with one of our Kid Icarus brand screen printed postcards. Choose from four different nighttime CNE scenes: the classic ferris wheel, the dizzying Starship 3000, charming carousel swing, or one of the midway.

cne1 Kid Icarus brand screen printed postcards, four to choose from, $3 each. Available at our Kensington location.


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Everlovin’ Press – Greetings From Canada postcards

Our home and native land may have just turned 148 years young, but why not keep the celebration alive with some visually pleasing and patriotic postcards? Kingston, Ontario’s Everlovin’ Press brought together 10 Canadian illustrators and designers from coast to coast to create these Greetings From Canada postcards. This first volume features the work of Vancouver’s Riley CranRory O’Sullivan, and Tom FroeseGenevieve Simms and Studio Tipi of Edmonton, AB; Toronto’s DoublenautJacqui Oakley, and Kate O’ConnorBenjamin Nelson of Kingston, ON; and Yo Rodeo studio from Halifax, N.S. They may have sold out online, but we’ve got them in stock at our Kensington location, eh? (Sorry about that one).


Set of 10 4″ x 6″, 2 colour letterpress print on cotton board. Designed by various artists. $40, at our Kensington location.package_back

On display at our Kensington location.

Give these beauties a gander: a grizzly bear guzzling gold (erm, maple syrup), the Canadian tuxedo, a modified hamburger CN Tower…

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Greetings from Canada!

East meets West; Ontario based Everlovin’ Press and B.C’s Tom Froese have collaborated on a first-of-its-kind project to showcase Canada’s creative talent and elevate the art of letterpress!

The finished product is a beautiful collection of 10 limited edition letterpressed postcards, which is available now in our storefront, priced at $40.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.37.17 PM

Each Postcard is designed by a Canadian artist, illustrator or designer, reppin’ Toronto we have ‘Doublenaut‘ and ‘Jacqui Oakley‘.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.37.37 PM

Check out this video about the project –
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Go with the Flow Magazine

Flow Magazine is just what you need for the holidays, perfect reading material and packed with activities for trips, or stay-cation days in the park!

If you’ve never come across it before, Flow magazine is all about “celebrating creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures”.

This issue features recipes, feel-good articles, a notebook to document your “30- day mini course in mindful analysis” AND ‘The Great Illustrators’ ABC’- 26 tearaway postcards to send to your loved ones. Its the perfect summer in paper form! Come grab yours now for $22.50








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School’s Out!

School’s out!  Summer’s finally here and we’ve got crafty projects for all ages and skill sets!

Portable studio box sets are perfect for keeping in touch with friends who’ve gone away for the summer months! Watercolour and coloured pencil postcards kits, and colour me in note cards packs make sending mail even more personal and fun!
Watercolour postcards $23.95, Coloured pencil postcards $25.00, Colour-Me-In notecards $19.95


Taking a trip or looking for something  to do while relaxing in the park or at the beach? We’ve got great, easy to follow knit a cupcake, crochet fox, and woodland animal needle point kits.
Happy Seamstress Cupcake Knitting Kit $20.00, Sushi Knitting Kit $20.00, Hello Morico Crochet Fox Kit $ 20.00, DIY Barn Owl Embroidery Starter Kit $46.00