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We’re channeling some serious spring vibes at the moment. Looking to spruce up your place in the month of March? We’ve put together a collection of bright, shiny, happy, handmade bits from local makers to get you excited for all things green and growing.

All items pictured are available in store! Prices are detailed below.

Knitted Cactus by Shannon Gerard ~ $25

“Nope” enamel pin by Stephanie Cheng ~ $12

Tulip Emoji Mug by Rosehound Apparel ~ $18

Knitted Kitten by Mama Knittor ~ $30

Monstera Leaf Keychain by Red Herring Supply Co. ~ $18


Plush Donut by Jordynn Mackenzie ~ $15

Sad Songs enamel pin by Stay Home Club ~ $7

Knitted Cactus by Shannon Gerard ~ $25

Plush Donut by Jordynn Mackenzie ~ $15

Watermelon Earrings by Piglet Miniatures ~ $20

Cotton Prickly Pear Hanky by Rcboisjoli ~ $18

Ceramic Earrings by Julie Moon ~ $50

Knitted Cactus by Shannon Gerard ~ $25



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Need a little something to squeeze inside a card for Feb. 14th?

We’ve got you covered! Here’s a peek at some of the pins we think would be a sweet gift for someone special, wedged inside some lovely penned words. Seal up a surprise in your Valentine’s card, for a loved one, family member, or close pal!

All pins pictured are made in Canada! How awesome is that!