Pidpenky is the creative project by Toronto based artist, Margot Jenner. She crafts these lovely soft toys and accessories in her home in Toronto.

Pidpenky Lumpy Bunnies (with hand painted faces) $34.00; Felted Mushroom Wall Art $50.00; Mushroom and Toadstool brooches $18.00 and $20.00

; Pidpenky at Kid Icarus

Pidpenky at Kid Icarus

Pidpenky at Kid Icarus

More about Margot:

My name is Margot, 25 years old, born on August 1. I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.
Ever since I was little, I’ve been a creative, imaginative girl, constantly teaching myself different ways to make the things I envision in my head. A current love of mine that has grown over the years is hand sewing things from wool felt. Although, I also love to draw and paint whenever I can. The thing I value most in my creative execution is my attention to small details. I often feel they get over looked, but I can’t settle for anything less!

My main creative focus for the year 2012 and beyond will be working on my line “Pidpenky”, making framed felt mushroom pieces and other forest related art objects. Pidpenky is a Ukranian word that refers to certain mushrooms that grow “beneath the stump”. I thought it seemed fitting. My other focus is creating paper doll portraits and pictures.

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