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Ohto makes pens and pencils with superior quality.

These unique pencils feature 2.0mm thick graphite lead with comfortable grip, ideal for sketching.

Ohto’s horizon pen has the weight and shape to keep it from rolling away. The fine tip makes it ideal for those who like to write small.

Shop Ohto products in store and online!

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Dress Up Your Desk!

Do you know a little someone who needs a nudge to get homework done? Want a splash of colour and cuteness to brighten up your work day? These adorable (and practical!) school supplies and office accessories might just do the trick.
Desk Accessories at Kid Icarus

Clockwise from top: Washi tape $5; Wooden Cat Tape Dispenser $18.00; Mini Clothespins $7 for a pack of 24; Super Smile Paper Clips 4 for $2.50; Le Pens $2.5; Mini Pencil Crayon Set $10; Wooden Robot Sharpener $12.