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Workerbee’s Latest Print Release

Today Worker Bee Supply Co. released their latest inspirational print designed by local illustrator Jeremy Leung. We had a blast printing that electric blue in contrast with Leung’s whimsical text.

We will have a few of these posters in stock at our Kensington shop retailing for $35 each.

Check out this footage shot by Workerbee of Leung’s creative process! 

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Workerbee Supply Co. ~ Print Release

We are excited to announce the unveiling of the new Workerbee Supply Co. inspirational print!

Screen printing for Workerbee Supply is very exciting, because through their awesome projects we get to print the designs of so many talented local artists.

The latest print from Workerbee was designed by Rachelle Letain. Rachelle is a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Hamilton, Ontario. The inspirational quote Rachelle chose to showcase in her design was coined by Nellie Mcclung, a Canadian feminist, activist, and member of the “The Famous Five.”

Workerbee has also produced some behind-the-scenes footage of Letain’s design process which you can watch here!

This stunning two colour print is 11″ x 14″ and available for purchase at our Kensington location – retailing for $35.

Snag one while you can!

Check out these killer shimmer shots…




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Workerbee Supply Co. Shoutout!

A little motivation for February!

We’ve been loving the inspirational quotes & amazing designs from WorkerBee Supply Co.!

Workerbee Supply Co. has an awesome mission statement that we are totally on board with. They work towards promoting & inspiring companies/individuals to work with purpose. What an impactful & necessary initiative!

We love printing the truly unique designs brought to us by WorkerBee. Local makers working with local makers = a match made in heaven.

Can’t wait to share the newest print we’re working on with these busy bees!

WorkerBee prints are available for purchase in both our Kensington & Parkdale locations retailing at $35.

Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific print! Sadly we are sold out of this gorgeous print designed by Sandi Falconer.

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