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If you have been following our blog you are up to date on this years wonderful polaris music prize performers!
There are 10 Canadian performers matched with 10 Canadian artists to create these beautiful band posters.

You can purchase any one of these posters at our store or online, as well as the event, happening
September 16th at The Polaris Gala. Posters sell for $40 each.
Here is a sum up of this years Polaris Prize Artists!

BAND: PUP, Designed by Katie Hicks, 4 Colours
BAND: Dominique Filmmaker Aimé, Designed by Sarah Penina, 5 Colours

BAND: Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Designed by Maya McKibbin, 4 Colours
BAND: ELISAPIE, Designed by Dayle Kubluitok, 5 Colours

BAND: Haviah Mighty, Designed by Alexis Eke, 5 Colours
BAND: Les Louanges, Designed by Mathieu Larone, 5 Colours

BAND: Marie Davidson, Designed by Melanie Garcia, 5 Colours
BAND: Fet Nat, Designed by Matthew Daley, 3 Colours

BAND: Jessie Reyez, Designed by Salini Perera, 5 Colours
BAND: SHAD, Designed by Anson Chan, 5 Colours