Services: Stamps and Stamp Pads

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3 comments on “Services: Stamps and Stamp Pads”

  1. Luca M

    Hello there, I’m looking to have a stamp made for me catering company. I read threw the stamp specs, but I saw nothing about drawing your own stamp. If I can do so, please let me know. I would love to get one made in the next week or so. thanks again.


  2. Maritza

    I need a stamp with the “infinity” symbol in a 1/2 inch size. A second stamp with the letters FC in a 1/4 inch each letter. A third and last with the letter F in a 1/2 inch size. These stamps will be used on cupcakes toppers made of gumpaste or fondant. The font I will possibly use in my logo would be “lucida handwriting”.
    Kindly let me know if you could made these stamps for me and what would be the cost.
    Thank you,

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