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Services: Stamps and Stamp Pads

Did you know that Kid Icarus makes custom rubber stamps? We have a few fun designs of our own you can take home with you, or bring us your artwork and we’ll make a custom stamp for you! Be sure to check the artwork specs before submitting your artwork to us.



3 thoughts on “Services: Stamps and Stamp Pads

  1. Hello there, I’m looking to have a stamp made for me catering company. I read threw the stamp specs, but I saw nothing about drawing your own stamp. If I can do so, please let me know. I would love to get one made in the next week or so. thanks again.


  2. Hi Luca,

    Sure, you can draw your own stamp, but it needs to be converted to a digital format (scanned in) for us to make a stamp. Please send me an email to discuss this further:


  3. Hello,
    I need a stamp with the “infinity” symbol in a 1/2 inch size. A second stamp with the letters FC in a 1/4 inch each letter. A third and last with the letter F in a 1/2 inch size. These stamps will be used on cupcakes toppers made of gumpaste or fondant. The font I will possibly use in my logo would be “lucida handwriting”.
    Kindly let me know if you could made these stamps for me and what would be the cost.
    Thank you,

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