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Who is the Boy? by Nick Lange & Milan Kalra

Hand screen printed event poster by Kid Icarus in Toronto for the film "Who is the Boy?" by Nick Lange and Milan Kalra, presented at the Yardbird Suite

Our newest poster for the film “Who is the Boy?” by Nick Lange and Milan Kalra. This film was presented at the Yardbird Suite and combines an original record of the same name with the film’s standalone narrative.

It’s a 2 colour screenprint on white cover stock and measures 18″ x 24″.

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Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Massey Hall

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar at Massey Hall 4 layer screen print poster printed by Kid Icarus in our Toronto Studio

Our newest poster was printed for Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar’s show at Massey Hall. Screenprinted by Kid Icarus in our Toronto Studio, this print is a 4 colour screenprint on natural cover stock using water-based inks.

Designed by Justin Weiss.

Measures 18″x 24″

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Community – Iva Jericevic

linoleum print and screen print printed by kid icarus of community illustration by Iva Jericevic

Originally a linoleum carving, these prints of “Community” by Iva Jericevic are now available as screenprints!

This print encapsulates Iva’s feeling of  people coming together as a community to create, dance, play, or share with one another.

12” x 18” and available in pink and yellow.

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Canadian Water Currents Notebooks

Kid Icarus Canadian Water Currents Line screen printed Notebooks, Notes and Mini Notes

The newest products in our Canadian Water Currents series feature two notebooks – “Notes” and “Mini Notes!” Designed with a vintage aesthetic and screen printed by Kid Icarus in our Toronto studio.

Our “Notes” measure at 5” x 7.25’’, while our “Mini Notes” measure at 3.25” x 4.5.’’ Both include 40 blank sheets of 100 lb text weight paper.

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Josh Morley – Brilliant Berries

We’ve printed for Josh Morley for his newest artwork titled: Brilliant Berries.

The artwork is printed on 18″ x 24″ 120lb acid free 100% cotton paper.

The piece is based on the Ojibwe legend of the mountain ash — these brilliant beries nourished the birds and animals during extraordinary harsh winters. The colder the winter, the more berries you will see.

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Colour – A Guide to Colour Mixing & Combination

Hot off the press! We are very excited about our newest Kid Icarus original poster, Colour – A Guide to Colour Mixing & Combination.

Inspired by vintage colour charts, the poster features classic colour theory and information that would be helpful to any colour enthusiasts.

Designed by and hand printed in house by Kid Icarus
Measures 18 x 24 inches
Printed onto an acid free paper using waterbased inks

Shop all Kid Icaurs line posters HERE

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Halo Brewery

Printed these beauties for HALO Brewery, Labels done by Underline Studio.
All 4 prints are 18″ x 24″ and are done on 100lb Coverstock White
For more details check below:

Magic Missile – Dry Hopped Pale Ale – 6 colours
Tokyo Rose – Brett Saison with Rose Hips – 4 colours

Shapeshifter – Sour IPA – 3 colours
New Wave – IPA – 7 colours

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Fabled Creative Q&A

Fabled Creative is run by power couple Indy & Ron Guyatt.
They both have a background in illustration and graphic design.
With their love of nature and art they Co-Founded Fabled Creative.
We had the pleasure of doing Q&A with the couple, heres what they had to say.

How did you start?
With $1.00 and access to the school’s printer

What is your process? What art tool could you not live without?
Everything starts as an idea. If it’s a subject that needs research then we start there before we start sketching.
If there was research then we make notes about important common factors,
if there was no research then we will usually make a list of things to consider including in the work.

From there one of us does the initial sketch, usually,
Ron does the refined version of the sketch, and potentially a colour test with markers.
Then Indy will render out the digital version usually in Adobe Illustrator,
it then is handed off to Ron to do final touches in Photoshop.

After all that, our screens are produced by Kid Icarus and then we screen print our art in our apartment.
I guess it could be said that we kind of hot potato our work haha.

As for the tool we couldn’t live without; we unanimously agreed upon the pencil.

Where do you get your inspiration?
In the past year or so we have been switching our gears and with that our inspirations have shifted.
Currently, we are a mix of things like space, science, nature, books.
That said inspiration comes from everywhere so it can sometimes be hard to nail down exactly
what it was that lead to the creation of a piece.

Is there anything you are currently working on that you are excited about?
We are always excited to be making new art,
recently we have started working on fabric which has been very exciting!