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4 reasons to get Organized

Kid Icarus wants to help you get organized this 2019!
Heres 4 ways a planner helps to keep you organized:

1. achieve goals – Setting up weekly goals helps you achieve important pressing tasks,
as were monthly goals can help fulfill more daunting tasks, personal, and long term goals.

2. Increase memory – writing things down is a proven technique to boost memory,
like remembering birthdays, & events.

3. Increase Productivity – many studies show setting reminders drastically increase productivity.
Keeps you on top of your activities throughout the day.

4. Relieves Stress – completing and checking off a tasks make us feel more fulfilled and at ease.
Making us relaxed during our downtime because it feels more deserved.

Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Pocket Agenda (Juliet Rose) 3.5″ x 5.5″ Monthly & Weekly – $16
Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Hardcover Agenda (Rose) 5.25″ x 7.75″ Monthly & Weekly – $32
Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Covered Planner (Wildwood) 6.75″ x 8.25″ Monthly & Weekly – $40


Waste Not Paper 2019 Soft Eco-Leather Planner Small Silver 17 Month, Monthly Yearly – $15
Waste Not Paper 2019Soft Eco-Leather Planner Medium Black 17 Month, Monthly Yearly – $25
Waste Not Paper 2019 Spiral Planner Geometric 17 Month, Monthly Yearly – $38

Rifle Paper Co. 2019 Wall Calendar (World Traveler) 11″ x  17″ – $30
Stay Home Club Assorted Paper Clips 10 Pieces –  $8
Horizon Needle Point Pen 0.7mm – $15 each

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Back to School

Be prepared this September with our back to school agendas and note books.
Notebooks are blank or lined and we have a variety of dated or undated agendas
to accompany every need.

Pricing are listed below:

J Story Slow & Simple Monthly Planner  – $26,  J Story Big Weekly Planner  – $18,
J Story Pink Weekly Scheduler – $15, OHTO Mechanical Pencil 2.0 – $15


Delfonics Wood ball pen with black ink, 0.7mm (yellow) – $15,
Messenger Bag Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (blue) – $22,
Backpack Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (orange) – $20,
Back Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (yellow) – $18,
Horizon Needle Point Pen 0.7mm (blue) – $15

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Let’s Plan Our 2017!

Friends! Let’s get organized in 2017. The year is coming to a close and plans for the new year aren’t going to make themselves!

Important dates to remember come 2017? A work trip? A vacation? A wedding? Put pen to paper with the help of a gorgeous planner. We’ve got a huge selection of calendar based 2017 planners. Each style is uniquely organized so that you may be able to find a structure most suited to you!

Peruse some photos of the 2017 planners we currently have in stock! Prices range from $14 ~ $45.








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Mark’s Planners

We’ve got some Mark’s planners and schedule stickers, from Japan, in store. Five different 2016 day planners and two sets of stickers to choose from. If 2015 wasn’t the most organized of years for you, perhaps 2016 will be.

Mark's-planners10 P1080055

Schedule stickers, $ , available at our Kensington location.




These stickers just might help you never forget a birthday again. Maybe.

Mark's-planners2POCHE planner, in bright red or navy blue, $25 each. Available at both our Kensington and Parkdale locations.Mark's-planners9

Mark's-planners4 Adorable You planner, $Mark's-planners3Floral or mint planner, $14 each, available at both our Kensington and Parkdale locations. Mark's-planners6