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The Japanese Paper Place Notebooks

The Japanese Paper Place Chiyogami Notebooks in three sizes: mini, 5 x 7, and guest book

We just restocked our notebooks from The Japanese Paper Place located in Etobicoke. These notebooks are soft to the touch thanks to the traditional method of silkscreen paper production, also known as Chiyogami.

Available in three sizes: 2’’ x 4.5’’, 5’’ x 7’’, and 8’’ x 10’’

Collect all of your favourite designs at our Kensington Market store!

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Happy 2019!

Get organized this year with our great selection of art books, art supplies and planners.

We have lots of inspirational items to keep you motivated for 2019 as well as
calendars and planners to keep you on track.

Prices are listen below,

Big Weekly Planner – $18, HatchetMade Tahle Pouch – $25, Forest Life 2 Set Notebook – $19,

J-Story Weekly Scheduler – $15, Stay Home Club Paper Clips 10 Pack – $8,
Sara Froese 2019 Calendar – $26, J-Story Document Folder – $16.50,

The Illustration Idea Book – $25, Art Genius Playing Cards – $14,
Koi Water Colour Travel Kit 12 Colours – $40.50


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Back to School pt2

Are you ready for the school season?
Don’t worry Kid Icarus has got you covered!

We have a variety of pens, notebooks, journals, agendas & coffee mugs
prices are listed below.

Extraordinary Objects Notebook 3 pack – $22, Gelly Roll Pens – $3 each,
Hinkleville Mug Green Handle – $40, Two Minute Mornings Journal – $25


Art of Instruction Notebook 3 pack – $22, The Feminist Agenda 2019 – $28,
Rcboisjoli Copper Shoes Mug – $28

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Back to School

Be prepared this September with our back to school agendas and note books.
Notebooks are blank or lined and we have a variety of dated or undated agendas
to accompany every need.

Pricing are listed below:

J Story Slow & Simple Monthly Planner  – $26,  J Story Big Weekly Planner  – $18,
J Story Pink Weekly Scheduler – $15, OHTO Mechanical Pencil 2.0 – $15


Delfonics Wood ball pen with black ink, 0.7mm (yellow) – $15,
Messenger Bag Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (blue) – $22,
Backpack Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (orange) – $20,
Back Pocket Dept. 3pc Lined Notebooks (yellow) – $18,
Horizon Needle Point Pen 0.7mm (blue) – $15

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Get Out and Explore

Get out and explore with our ‘Find Your Adventure’ Journal By Nicole LaRue.
Or take a moment to observer your surroundings with the Observers Notebook available
in Home and Butterfly

Observer’s Notebook Home & Butterflies $28 each, Find Your Adventure Journal $22 each

We also carry a book for bird watchers, that includes a bird sticker log, a place for notes
and 50 bird species facts, so you can search for your feathered friends in your urban surroundings.

Backyard Birds $25 each

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Notebooks to Inspire You!

We’ve got two new notebook styles to get your creative juices flowing!

In honour of 2016 fresh starts, lets start 2016 with a new notebook full of new ideas for the year ahead!

Both of our new notebook styles from Apricot Morning are a sure fire way to spark inspiration.

Check out our funky gradient notebooks & our more classically styled striped notes!

Available in both Kensington & Parkdale shops, retailing for $8 – $8.50





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No Fun x Rosehound x Explorer’s Press

Before we are visited by Rosehound Apparel & No Fun Press this Sunday July 26th for Pedestrian Sunday, we thought we’d give you a peek at some of the goodies these guys have to offer. We’re also taking this opportunity to shine a spotlight on our buddies at Explorer’s Press! Pins galore & much, much more!


A pin for every occasion! (& every denim jacket) ~ ranging from $7-8


Explorer’s Notebooks ~ $22… Rosehound Mugs ~ $18… Explorer’s & No Fun Keychains ~ $7-8… and a little Sad Truth Supply keychain for ya ~ $16…

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Get Organized!

Attention all planners, journalers and list-makers! Get organized this New Year with our great selection of notebooks, pads, agendas, and more!

Botanicals Notebook, Dandelion Fields, Loteria Notebook – $16.00 each, Le Pens – $2.50 


Farmer’s Market, Citrus Floral Shopping Pads – $11.00, Yellow Lined Paper, Do Or Die Notepads – $10.00 each, Do Your Chores Notepad – $10.00


Blackstock’s Collections Notepads – $20.00

Work in Progress Journal – $22.00, Notes That Stick, $20.00, Le Pens – $2.50


Draw Your Own Tomorrow Journal – $32.00

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Go with the Flow Magazine

Flow Magazine is just what you need for the holidays, perfect reading material and packed with activities for trips, or stay-cation days in the park!

If you’ve never come across it before, Flow magazine is all about “celebrating creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures”.

This issue features recipes, feel-good articles, a notebook to document your “30- day mini course in mindful analysis” AND ‘The Great Illustrators’ ABC’- 26 tearaway postcards to send to your loved ones. Its the perfect summer in paper form! Come grab yours now for $22.50