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Its Pedestrian Sunday! Come by this Sunday July 28th for street food and local art.
Stop by anytime between 12pm – 5:30pm!
Guest artists for July are Crafty Pawws, and Lauren Connell-Whitney.

CraftyPawws is a small DIY art works shop with a unique collection of various prints, patches, embroideries and upcycled apparel created by Lauren Eliza Boyko, a multidisciplinary, freelance artist and musician.

Lauren Connell-Whitney Grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to Canada when she was 14. She studied in New York City’s Parsons School of Design.
Always looking for adventure she never stayed in one place for too long
but eventually returned to Toronto.

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Pedestrian Sunday 2019

This Years second Pedestrian Sunday is fast approaching.
For those who don’t know every last Sunday of every month Kensington Market rallys together to support local businesses!
The area is teaming with local art, food vendors and performances!
Come join Kid Icarus Sunday June 30th to see our guest feature artist
Sparkle Collective and Ellingwood Soap Company.
Drop by anytime between 12pm – 5:30pm for some fanatics local merch.

Sparkle Collective is based in Toronto, Canada.
Fuelled by donuts, and inspired by cats.
Add to your pin/patch collection!

Ellingwood Soap Company is a run by Micheal & Anna, a husband
and wife team out of Hamilton ON, that make all natural soap,
candles and body care products.
Their merchandise can be found in shops all over Canada.
All of their products have natural ingredients which makes
it perfect for those with delicate skin!