Red Herring Leather Key Chains

May 30, 2018Storefront

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day with Kid Icarus! We just got handmade leather goods from Winnipeg, Ontario. Red Herring Supply Company’s products are designed by hand so each product is unique. Prices are listed below: Maple Leaf, Maple Key, and Monstera Keychains are $18 each Butterfly, and Shrimp Keychain are $18, and Air Plant Keychain is $24

NEW Pins & Keychains from Rosehound Apparel

July 6, 2016Storefront

Spice up your summer wardrobe with newly released goodies now in Kensington from Rosehound Apparel! Fresh lapel pin designs and a super cute rose gold keychain to add some quirky to your cool. Some classic favs are back in stock, namely, the one and only Leo. Prices of products pictured range for $7-$10. Drop by … Read More