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Happy Canada Day! Here at Kid Icarus we have great Canadian-made, Canadian-themed, products! Smitten Kitten’s Canadianna line of notebook featuring the vintage wildlife photographs of the True North, or a Freshly Printed ‘Edible Invasive Species’ teatowel made the perfect thank you gift for whomever is hosting the Canada Day Festivities!

Want to show your Canadian pride? Outfit yourself and those in your posse with Canadian themed buttons from Vancouver’s Regional Assembly of Text, great year round!

Smitten Kitten Notebooks $19.00, Freshly Printed Edible Invasive Species Tea Towel $28.00,
The Regional Assembly of Text Button Pack $12.00, Kid Icarus Antler Greeting Card $5.00,
Kid Icarus You’re Great Postcard $3.00, Kid Icarus 3D Canadian Geese Gift wrap $5.00