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Polaris Prize – Weaves

Today’s Feature – Band: WEAVES, Artwork By: CHRIS PECORA

A band from Toronto, Ontario, Weaves is a well known artist with a unique sound.
A band that is always beating to the sound of there own drum.
Pervious albums mixed different genres of music, featuring jazz and rock sounds.
This time around their new album ‘Wide Open’ has more of a pop vibe.

Chris Pecora is a graphic designer and illustrator from Calgary, Canada.
He aims to bring thoughtful concepts to life using bold shapes, bright colours,
humour, and a smattering of texture.

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Polaris Prize – Hubert Lenoir

Todays feature – Band: HUBERT LENOIR, Artwork By: CECILE GARIEPY

Hubert Lenoir just dropped his debut solo album in february called Darlene.
A mix of raunchy guitar and saxophone, its making headway fast.

Cécile Gariépy is an illustrator based in Montreal. She loves images that tell stories.
Her work is playful and put emphasis on colour, composition and character design.

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Polaris Prize – Jeremy Dutcher

Todays Feature – Band: JEREMY DUTCHER, Artwork by: ALENA SKARINA

Jeremy Dutcher is a Toronto-based First Nations singer & pianist.
He is recognized by his unique bilingual narrative music.
In his album titled Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa he sings in his
native tongue Wolastoq. A language only an estimated 600 people know.

Alëna Skarina was born in Siberia, Russia in 1986.
She is a fine artist and illustrator in Toronto, Ontario.
Her style is known for its hyper-precise linework,
hand-done typography and unique graphic sensibility.


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Polaris Prize – Alvvays

Todays feature – Band: ALVVAYS, Artwork by: AARON RINAS

Alvvays was formed in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario,
but the members all grew up far east on Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton.
There debut album was released 2014 with popularity for their indie pop vibe.
The new album was just released September 2017 called ‘Antisocialites’.

Aaron Rinas is a Toronto based artist and designer who explores the relationship between colour and form.
Aaron has a unique geometric illustrative design and even has some publicized work done in embroidery.