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Allison + Cam Q&A

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Allison Burda + Cam Gee,
Working collaboratively they make illustrations and animations as well as sell there own line of greeting cards. They create things in the spirit of colour and fun.

Allison + Cam Artist Q & A:

How did you start?
Neither of us went to art school but when we first started dating we realized we had an excellent creative dynamic. We made small comics, animations, and filled sketchbooks with little throwaway projects we made together. We got a lot of positive feedback from the people who saw our work so we started to post illustrations on a weekly blog and printed out some of our work to sell online. From there we were contacted by a few publishers and magazine art directors and started getting paid for our work. But it took years of taking on freelance projects and juggling 1 or 2 days jobs until we were able to make this our full-time gig.

What is your process? What art tool could you not live without?

One of us will mention an idea. If it’s digital work (like planning our cards and stickers), usually Cam will map it out; he’s amazing with rough sketching composition. Then one of us will flesh it out in Photoshop. I’m almost always in charge of colour. If we’re working with irl materials like clay, plaster, paint, wood then it’s kind of a free for all where we converge and diverge throughout the process until the project feels complete. Our work is always stronger when it’s a collaboration than
when we work separately

Where do you get your inspiration?

No one place. We love and collect children’s picture books, and we have a toddler who does bizarre baby stuff and his motions are often a jumping off point for animations. Usually ideas start in a sketchbook that seems to get the most action in the late evenings. Mostly we randomly put ideas on paper and then forget them for months at a time, then we revisit them and the idea feels stronger than it did in the beginning. If it makes us laugh when we come back
to it then it’s worth turning into something.

Is there anything you are currently working on that you are excited about?

We’ve been caught between some large and looming editorial contracts for the last 2 years which have all finished up for the moment so this is the first time in a while where we’ve been able to work on stuff that’s just for us. We’ve been working on plaster sculpture this summer and we’re in the middle of making everything we need to try out punch rug hooking. September is coming and our free time is almost up so we’re savouring this creative trial and error before the autumn
editorial rush picks up again.
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Pedestrian Sunday Sept 30th!

The last Pedestrian Sunday of 2019!
Stop by this Sunday to support local makers with our special guest artists
Cabin Journal, Allison + Cam, & Moonbeam Co.

They will be at our shop located at 205 Augusta Ave from 12pm – 5:30pm.
See you there! Look below for more info on our guest artists.

Cabin is based out of the heart of downtown Toronto,
wedged between (what was) the Fashion District and China Town.
Cabin, the stationery company, began in the winter of 2016, debuting risograph cards,
art prints and illustrated tea towels at Toronto’s holiday City of Craft show.

Allison + Cam create things in the spirit of colour & fun.
They live & work together in Toronto, Canada.
Primary their work is illustration & animation made collaboratively,
with an increasing interest in installation work using mixed media like acrylic, wood, & found objects.

Moonbeam Co. is a painted porcelain, pins, and handmade
ceramics company working out of Toronto ON.