Drew Shannon Print

March 6, 2020Art Prints, Print Department

Take a peak at this out of this world poster by Drew Shannon for a special viewing of the classic Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. The screening will be Monday March 9th at the Paradise Theatre on Bloor at 7:30pm
Drew will be selling these beauties at the screening, for more info on the event or to buy tickets click here

Collective Arts

March 6, 2020Art Prints, Print Department

We had the pleasure of printing these lovely 3 colour prints for Collective Arts Brewery.

Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots craft brewery that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians. Collective Arts Brewing was founded on two beliefs: The first that creativity fosters creativity. And the second, that creativity yields delicious pints. We feature limited-edition works of art on our beer cans and labels, and we work to make sure the liquid on the inside is as diverse and creative as the artists we profile.

Our brewery is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is where we brew everything from our flagship IPA Ransack the Universe to our World Beer Cup-winning Stranger than Fiction porter. In our taproom we pour up to 10 different beers at one time, samples and flights, we host brewery tours and live entertainment weekly. Stop by to see our beer bottle gallery showcasing every artist we’ve worked with over the past 6 years.

Custom Wedding Invitations

January 8, 2020Print Department, Wedding Invitations

Looking for a one-of-a-kind printing experience? Here at Kid Icarus we specialize in beautiful screen printed wedding packages.
We provide printing services to meet all your wedding needs, such as invites, rsvps, save the dates, place cards, table numbers, seating charts, maps, posters, menus, and thank you cards etc…

We offer a variety of other services such as custom design & illustration, as well as return of address stamps designed to match your wedding suite. If you would like to view our custom wedding design examples, paper samples, envelope options and get a quote, book a free initial consultation. For more information on our wedding design & printing services click here

If you have your own designs check out our artwork guidelines here

Yellowstone Extraction Collection

January 3, 2020Art Prints, Print Department

This series consists of 4 detailed illustrations explaining the complex technology of the Falling Film Evaporator by Yellowstone Extraction Co.
Designed for Food processors, essential oil extractors, and hemp processors.

These 2 colour prints sell for $32 each, or buy the series for $128 before tax

“Through intelligent, innovative, and patent-pending technology, our turnkey systems ensure effective and economical separation of your product. Outstanding solvent recovery rates, ease of use, and efficiency make a Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporator the best choice for your business.” – Yellowstone Extraction Co.

Night Owl Festival 2019

October 7, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

Night Owl Festival 2019 is fast approaching!
These Night Owl Festival prints are designed by the talented illustrator Simon Berndt.
These 3 colour hand printed beauts can be purchased for $35 at the event or at our shop in Kensington.

The festival will be held on October 11th – October 14th in multiple venues across Toronto. For more information on the event, to view the lineup, or purchase tickets click here.


September 16, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

If you have been following our blog you are up to date on this years wonderful polaris music prize performers!
There are 10 Canadian performers matched with 10 Canadian artists to create these beautiful band posters.

You can purchase any one of these posters at our store or online, as well as the event, happening
September 16th at The Polaris Gala. Posters sell for $40 each.
Here is a sum up of this years Polaris Prize Artists!

BAND: PUP, Designed by Katie Hicks, 4 Colours
BAND: Dominique Filmmaker Aimé, Designed by Sarah Penina, 5 Colours

BAND: Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Designed by Maya McKibbin, 4 Colours
BAND: ELISAPIE, Designed by Dayle Kubluitok, 5 Colours

BAND: Haviah Mighty, Designed by Alexis Eke, 5 Colours
BAND: Les Louanges, Designed by Mathieu Larone, 5 Colours

BAND: Marie Davidson, Designed by Melanie Garcia, 5 Colours
BAND: Fet Nat, Designed by Matthew Daley, 3 Colours

BAND: Jessie Reyez, Designed by Salini Perera, 5 Colours
BAND: SHAD, Designed by Anson Chan, 5 Colours


September 15, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

Today’s Feature:

SHAD is a Canadian alternative hip hop artist and broadcaster. Full name of Shadrach Kabango he was raised in London Ontario. He hosted Q on CBC Radio One and hosted the award winning series ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’. He has 6 albums titled, ‘When This Is Over (2005), The Old Prince (2007), TSOL (2010), Flying Colours (2013), Adult Contempt (2016), & A Short Story About a War (2018). 

Anson Chan is a Toronto-based Illustrator. He enjoys visualizing and organizing shapes within abstract and stylized compositions. Anson currently attends Sheridan College studying Illustration with an expected graduation in 2020.

Jessie Reyez is a Columbian Canadian artist born in Toronto, Ontario. She has been creating music since she was a teenager and released her first album ‘Kiddo’ in 2017. Kiddo was released with a short film called ‘Gatekeeper’ addressing sexism and exploitation in the music industry. She won the Breakthrough Artist Award at the Juno Awards in 2018 and then won the RnB/Soul Recording of the Year Award in 2019 for her album ‘Being Human In Public.’

Salini Perera is an illustrator who lives, draws and paints in Toronto, Canada and uses she/her pronouns. She was born in Sri Lanka, raised in Scarborough, and has been making art for as long as she can remember. Salini studied film at Ryerson University and Independent Illustration at Seneca College. She enjoys puttering around the kitchen and her 2 cats Victoria and Albert.


September 14, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

Today’s Feature:

Marie Davidson is a electronic-techno musician from Montreal, Ontario. She is also part of the band ‘Essaie Pas’ which is a minimal wave duo comprised of her and Pierre Guerineau. Some albums include Perte d’identité (2014), Un autre voyage (2015), Adieux au dancefloor (2016), Working Class Woman (2018)

Melanie Garcia loves collage. It was during her BFA in Film Production at Concordia University that she began her work in large-format digital collage. After a period of art gestation her work is now settled into primarily analog mixed media collage concerned with the human body, its biological flaws, perfection, representation, distortion and aesthetics.

Fet Nat is an experimental musical group from Gatineau, Quebec. The band consists of vocalist and lyricist JFNO, guitarist Pierre-Luc Clément, saxophonist Linsey Wellman and drummer Olivier Fairfield. Let Nat released their first album this year titled ‘Le Mal’. Their sound is most commonly categorized as funk-punk.

Matthew Daley is an illustrator and comic artist with a distinct style that combines hand-created textures, stamps and found objects into vector illustrations to create a rugged, painterly look. He is inspired by mid-20th century illustration and design, particularly the work of James Flora and Mary Blair, the playful mayhem of the Dadaists and the aesthetic of Eiji Tsuburaya’s monster designs in Godzilla movies and Ultraman episodes.


September 14, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

Today’s Feature:

Haviah Mighty is a Canadian Rapper from Brampton, Ontario. Mighty started singing at the age of 4, rapping at 11, and producing at 15. In 2016 Mighty started in a hip hop group called ‘The Sorority’ before her debut album ‘13th Floor’ this year. 13 Floor tells her story of the challenges of being a female black rapper. 

Alexis Eke is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by renaissance portraits and traditional Japanese art, she aims to illustrate black women in a contemporary light.

Les Louanges is a Canadian indie pop band from Quebec, Ontario, whose core member is Vincent Roberge. His first album ‘Le Mercure’ released in 2016. Les Louanges most resent album titled ’La nuit est une panthère’ released in September, 2018. He won the Prix Félix-Leclerc at the 2019 edition of Les Francos de Montréal.

Mathieu Larone is an illustrator from Montreal, Canada and is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Design at OCAD. Some Clients include New York Times, Polaris Music Prize, Blue Sky Studios, Dawson College , Static Magazine, Productions Langues Pendues, S.P.A.C.E Exhibit, Ruff Haus Comics, Cartoon Lizard, Short Box Comics.


September 13, 2019Band Posters, Print Department

Today’s Feature:

Snotty Nose Rez Kids are a hip hop duo out of Vancouver, BC.
They confront slurs and stereotypes of Indigenous people and promote pride.
The 2 members Darren Metz (Young D) and Quinton Nyce (Yung Trybezare) are from the Kitamaat Village, a Haisla First Nation reserve. Their 3rd album TRAPLINE was released this year in May.

Maya McKibbin’s hopes are to bring a message of modern indigeneity into the contemporary
creative circle in the format of comics, films, stories and illustrations.
They enjoy visualizing stories and working with design, specifically character.
Maya is Ojibwe, Yaqui and Huichol, and grew up on Coast Salish Territory in shíshálh. 

Elisapie is a Canadian singer, broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and activist.
Full name of Elisapie Issac she is half Inuk and was born in Salluit, Quebec.
In 2005 Elisapie collaborated with Alain Auger and produced the album titled Taima
which won the Juno Award of Aboriginal Recording of the Year.
In 2018 she released album ‘The Ballad of the Runaway Girl’

Dayle Kubluitok is an emerging artist from Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet) who studies
in Toronto, ON and lives in Iqaluit, NU. She works predominately with graphic arts and
illustration and is also a growing photographer.