Polaris Music Prize 2015: Drake

October 5, 2015Art Prints, Band Posters, Poster Prints, Posters

Drake‘s been nominated for the Polaris Prize year in and year out (well, aside from his debut record in 2010, Thank Me Later, but I digress). So we here at Kid Icarus have slowly amassed a collection of Drake Polaris posters. It’s become a tradition, almost. Another year, another Drake poster. Here’s Matthew Daley‘s take on the … Read More

Polaris Music Prize 2015: Viet Cong

October 3, 2015Art Prints, Band Posters, Poster Prints, Posters

Once again, we here at Kid Icarus had the pleasure of printing this year’s Polaris Prize posters for each short list nominee. Here’s the quirky and industrial poster for Viet Cong‘s self-titled release, designed by Alberta native Josh Holinaty. 2015 Polaris Prize nominee Viet Cong, 4 colour screen printed on natural cover paper. $40. Available for purchase … Read More

Polaris Music Prize 2015: Tobias Jesso Jr.

October 1, 2015Art Prints, Band Posters, Poster Prints, Posters

Enjoying these 2015 Polaris posters? We know you are. And we know that we enjoyed printing them. Kid Icarus’ own Stephanie Cheng designed this awfully clever poster for modern-day-Randy-Newman Tobias Jesso Jr‘s short listed debut album, Goon.    2015 Polaris Prize short list nominee Tobias Jesso Jr.’s Goon, 3 colour screen print on cover white, $40. … Read More


September 25, 2015Home Decor

Bookhou are John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj. Together, they create an assortment of pieces ranging from handmade bags, to paper goods (calendars, notebooks), to home textiles (tea towels, and wooden goods) – all using natural materials. Each bag is designed, hand printed, and sewn in their Toronto studio. We’ve got a few new pieces of … Read More

TURF 2015

September 25, 2015Art Prints, Band Posters, Poster Prints

We printed the posters for this year’s Toronto Urban Roots Festival (or TURF, clever acronym, no?). It was designed by Jud Haynes, and features chipmunks having a time in a tree. Beyond charming. Thanks, Jud!   TURF: Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2015, 18’’ x 24’’, 3 colours on natural overstock, $35. Available at our Kensington location. 

Wedding Shout Out!

September 16, 2015Press

We were recently mentioned in the blog Junebug Weddings for our screen printed invitations! Are you in need some wedding inspiration? Click here and check out the full blog post: ‘Low-Key Toronto Wedding at Bellwoods Brewery‘ And to get more info about our invitation printing and wedding services, click here!    

Concrete Barn TO

September 12, 2015Home Decor, Other Things Handmade

Check out these succulent plants in concrete planters by Bonnie Nicholls of Concrete Barn! Handmade in Toronto, available at both of our locations (Kensington and Parkdale). Concrete Barn planters with succulents, $15-$20.   

Mark’s Planners

September 12, 2015Organization, Planners, Stationery

We’ve got some Mark’s planners and schedule stickers, from Japan, in store. Five different 2016 day planners and two sets of stickers to choose from. If 2015 wasn’t the most organized of years for you, perhaps 2016 will be.   Schedule stickers, $ , available at our Kensington location. These stickers just might help you never forget … Read More