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7 Dough Demons Poster Prints!

We had the pleasure of printing “7 Dough Demons” for award-winning design thinker Jovan Rocanov.

These prints were made for Tandem Tales, a creation of Jovan Rocanov and Patricia Greve. We love the playful and informative nature of this print!

If you’re picturing the perfect spot on your kitchen for this bad boy, we’ve got a few for sale in our Kensington shop.

These prints retail for $35. Pick one up before they’re all gone!



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Prints for Michael Johnston Music Studio!

We did this lovely print recently for Michael Johnston Music Studio.

If you would like to attend their 9th-annual Student Recital check out their website to reserve a seat!

These posters are available for purchase in our Kensington shop, retailing for $35.



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Workerbee Supply Co. Shoutout!

A little motivation for February!

We’ve been loving the inspirational quotes & amazing designs from WorkerBee Supply Co.!

Workerbee Supply Co. has an awesome mission statement that we are totally on board with. They work towards promoting & inspiring companies/individuals to work with purpose. What an impactful & necessary initiative!

We love printing the truly unique designs brought to us by WorkerBee. Local makers working with local makers = a match made in heaven.

Can’t wait to share the newest print we’re working on with these busy bees!

WorkerBee prints are available for purchase in both our Kensington & Parkdale locations retailing at $35.

Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific print! Sadly we are sold out of this gorgeous print designed by Sandi Falconer.

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