Posters for The Arkells!

June 29, 2017Band Posters

We printed these awesome designs for a show with The Arkells & July Talk this past Friday! Whether you were able to make it out to the show or not – these posters are available for purchase at our Kensington shop for $35 per piece.

Trophy Sized Bass Reprint!

April 8, 2017Art Prints

Bass fishing season has just opened this week and to christen this occasion we’ve revamped and reprinted our classic Kid Icarus original Trophy Sized Bass print! Pick up one of these 22″ x 30″ bad boys from our Kensington shop for $50.

Posters for Dark Carnival!

July 9, 2016Poster Prints

We screen printed some poster prints for Rue Morgue Dark Carnival – Horror Culture & Entertainment Expo. The event will be running this weekend, if you’re in Hamilton & love a good scare, check ’em out! These posters are retailing at our Kensington shop for $22 a piece.