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Let’s Talk Motivation + WorkerBee Supply Co.

A little motivation for the week ahead! Workerbee Supply Co. has created an awesome line of motivational prints that work hard to keep you inspired, driven, & focussed. We love printing for these guys and assisting in their awesome vision!

Check out their youtube interview with Kadi Koroma, the designer of this leafy print.




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Recently we did some ultra cool prints for Inertia Entertainment!

These prints are going straight into the hands of those who purchased pre-ordered prints, however there is an event you can check out where the prints will be displayed, TODAY at The Opera House.

A 20th anniversary celebratory print for Inertia – how awesome!



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New Print from WorkerBeeSupply Co.!

We are excited to announce that we’ve printed a new poster for WorkerBeeSupply Co.!

This print was designed by Kadi Koroma (a Toronto native), and is based on a quote by the Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher & poet: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Challenge yourself! Do something different, launch yourself into the unknown!

This print will encourage you to break from the mundane and take those chances you’ve been so afraid of.

We’ve got ’em in Kensington retailing for $35.

changedirection1 changedirection2 changedirection3

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Workerbee Supply Co. Shoutout!

A little motivation for February!

We’ve been loving the inspirational quotes & amazing designs from WorkerBee Supply Co.!

Workerbee Supply Co. has an awesome mission statement that we are totally on board with. They work towards promoting & inspiring companies/individuals to work with purpose. What an impactful & necessary initiative!

We love printing the truly unique designs brought to us by WorkerBee. Local makers working with local makers = a match made in heaven.

Can’t wait to share the newest print we’re working on with these busy bees!

WorkerBee prints are available for purchase in both our Kensington & Parkdale locations retailing at $35.

Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific print! Sadly we are sold out of this gorgeous print designed by Sandi Falconer.

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Posters For The Sheepdogs!

Recently we printed these awesome posters for The Sheepdogs! They are currently on tour and will be playing at the Danforth Music Hall tonight!

You can pick one up from our Kensington shop for $35, otherwise you can snatch one up at one of their Canadian tour destinations.



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New Print from Michael Brewer

Recently we had the pleasure of doing this super texturized print designed by Michael Brewer. The prints are a nod towards the classic Charles Bukowski poem “Death Wants More Death.”

Are you a Brewer or a Bukowski fan? Either way, this print would look great on your wall.

A limited quantity is available for purchase at our Kensington location for $35 – come by & snag one!