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Holiday Gift Guide 2

Have a secret Santa, need some stocking stuffer gifts?
We’ve got some great ideas in store for you.
Most of our items are local, and handmade making them one of a kind treasures.
Prices are listed below.

Slip-On Canvas Pencil Case – $14
Ever wish you had a pencil but didn’t want to carry your huge pencil case?
These cases are sized for a couple items so you can always carry your essentials on you!

Horizon Needle Point 0.7 mm Pen – $15
This point knock ballpoint pen is very smooth with a thin application 0.7 point.

Art Genius Playing Cards – $15.50
Deck includes 52 playing cards featuring illustrations of all the big names in the art world. Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Clarke.

Jackie Lee Astro Pup Enamel Pin – $12
Jackie Lee line of space themed prints, patches and pins are perfect for any stocking.

Tate Group White Concrete House Pen Holder – $9
Have a favourite pen you always misplace? Put it in this super cute pen holder.

Ellingwood Soap – $10
Their products have natural ingredients which makes it perfect for those with delicate skin!

Smitten Kitten Toronto The Good Keychain – $8
Re-designed to commemorate Turonno’s iconic neighbourhoods, “Toronto The Good” keychains are an adaptation of classic motel key chains from the 1950’s

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Holiday Gift Guide 1

Shopping for that nature lover or outdoor enthusiasts in your life? We have outdoor crafts and games as well as eco-friendly gift wrap. Stay tuned for our next Holiday Gift Guide!

Prices are listed below:

Eco friendly Furoshiki Gift Wrap – $45
We have several different designs by 20 local artists, Gift Wrap is 24”x24” and 100% cotton, this one is by artist Jenn Kitagawa

Send More Mail Vintage stamps – $6
Each pack is different. Stamp sizes, colours and graphics.

How to Eat in the Woods – $29
This portable guide includes essential information on how to track, trap, kill, and prepare various types of animals; select bait, land fish, and clean and cook the catch, as well as knowledge of recognize edible plants.

Light and Paper Wooden Ornaments – $14
Set of 2 lasercut birch wood holiday ornaments. Comes with red and white string to hang. Perfect for a holiday gift exchange or stocking stuffer.

Noted Eggling planter (Basil) – $16
Crack and grow your plant in a ceramic egg.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods – $29
Broken down into four essential sections, Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety, this useful manual reveals time-tested outdoor skills, including how to catch game without a gun and what plants to eat.

Heirloom Wood Book – $31
A Modern Guide to Carving Spoons, Bowls, Boards, and other Homewares. Heirloom Wood is a love letter to wood’s form and function through simple woodworking projects. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Le Loup 5 in 1 Wolf Key Chain, bottle opener, beard comb, box cutter, and pry. A haberdashery multi tool that looks as good as it works. Whats not to love! Available in 3 different materials listed below.
Stainless Steel – $25
Brass – $30
Titanium – $60

Great Outdoors Playing Cards – $24
These deluxe playing cards bring the beauty of the great outdoors to your fingertips. From the exquisitely detailed card backs to the four suits represented by growing trees, flowing water, every element in this illustrated deck depicts the wonder of nature.

Hatchet Made Organic Cotton Hemp Bento Bag – $23
This bento style bag is perfect to store anything from fruits and vegetables, packed lunches or snacks. Also a great bag to grab on the go! Kids with small toys & toiletries when traveling. Just place your goodies inside and tie a knot.

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Handmade Holiday – Janice Kun

Tomorrow is our Handmade Holiday Craft Show!
20 wonderful local crafters will be at St Saint-In-The-Fields Church from 11am-6pm
selling one of a kind merch and the 1st 30 people will be getting a free Kid Icarus loot bag!

Todays feature is Toronto based illustrator Janice Kun

Janice Kun is an illustrator whose work is a distinctive multi-media blend of drawing,
collage, digital and photographic elements. These organic constructions reflect the
dynamic energy of nature, together with the lyricism of music and found street art.

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Handmade Holiday – Morihana

Todays Handmade Holiday Craft Show Artist is Morihana!

Morihana was created by Sonia + Gina.
Outside of Morihana, Sonia, works for a popular Swedish company in Sales and Sustainability.
She is also a Jeweller under the brand COVEN by Sonia Kang.

Outside of Morihana, Gina, works as a Financial Analyst in the Green energy sector.
Her passions are rare succulents, cacti, and tropical plants.
She is a star at propagating Pilea Peperomiodes!

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Handmade Holiday – Jackie Saik

Todays featured Handmade Holiday Craft Show artist is Jackie Saik,
the owner/creator of Made For The Lake Co.

Made For The Lake Co was originally founded in Muskoka On. near Georgian Bay on a small
lake where Jackie Saik shared a passion for the great Canadian north and great design.

Just an idea in 2017 that was fully brought to life in 2018 when Jackie left Toronto and moved to Muskoka.
MFTL Co. is Born out of love for being outdoors and fully inspired by the
Canadian cottage and camping lifestyle.


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Handmade Holiday – Victoria Chin

With a background in design, Victoria Chin is particularly inspired by the structure and
geometric forms found in architecture, which resonate throughout her work.

Victoria’s jewelry collection OXVC (Objects by Victoria Chin) combines ceramics and design.
Each piece is meticulously crafted. From geometric forms to its monochromatic palette,
every aspect celebrates the materiality and processes in ceramics.