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Collective Arts Poster!

We just printed some awesome posters for the Collective Arts Liquid Art Festival!
A 2 Day Creative Collision of Beer, Art & Music. The event is June 15 & 16.
For more info on the event or to purchase tickets click here 

6 posters, 6 artists, with there own unique style.
Check out more about each artist below.

Blair Kelly is a local illustrator were “handmade meets digital, simple meets complex.”
He has worked with serval publications such as the The New York Times, Worth Magazine,
Golf Digest, & Time.

Andrew Friesen or “Goopdude” works with many mediums from paint & print to film.

Natalie Very B is a published Polish-Canadian illustrator and Teacher.
Her artwork reflects feminism in today’s world.
She can be see at many craft events and her merch can be found all over Toronto.

Blake Stevenson is a Designer/Illustrator from southern Ontario, Canada.
He is a pop culture addicted, and the owner and creator of Jetpacks & Rollerskates.

Daria Pekh is a freelance illustrator from Toronto, Ontario.
She has been printed in several publications, including a children’s book called “Know Me”

Cecil Warner is an illustrator whose work blends primitive & modern artistic influences
that attempt to bridge the gap between illustration and fine art.
This is the 2nd time he will be featured with collective arts brewery,
he also has a poster with Worker Bee Supply Co