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Hoglumps Q + A

Hoglumps is run by the talented Alex Brownell.
Lovely screen printed goods and textiles, handmade in Canada.
Check out our Hoglumps Artist Q + A!

How did you start?
I’ve been sewing since I was a child, I think I learned to sew in Brownies (the thing before Girl Scouts). I would make little plushies from socks, and alter clothing to my taste. My interest in sewing led me to the Craft & Design program for textiles at Sheridan College. There I learned more about dyeing and screen printing fabric. From there I started to make my own little projects on the side and sell at a few craft shows. And so Hoglumps slowly began.

What is your process? What art tool could you not live without?
My process starts with a rough sketch and notes of my idea. Then I create a more detailed drawing with colour choices. Next I usually source fabric and hardware and make a few prototypes. I then screen print my fabric and cut out the pattern pieces. Then, SEW! Lots of sewing. And ironing. 
One tool I could not live without is a nice sharp pair of fabric scissors. Oh and clear gridded rulers! They both make the process so much easier.  

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from a lot of things. Stuff that makes me laugh or smile, like comic books or my cat, flowers and bugs I see on a walk. I also get a lot of inspiration to continue making by watching my friends and mentors make a living from their work. Watching them succeed is awesome. 

Is there anything you are currently working on that you are excited about?
Recently I have been playing with the idea of making some clothes with my screen printed patterns. I also just opened an online shop on Etsy. 

For more info on Hoglumps:
Instagram: @hoglumps 

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Snack Club Collective Pedestrian Sunday

Only two more Pedestrian Sundays left for 2015! This Sunday September 27th we have the Snack Club Collective joining us out front of our shop from 12pm-5:30pm. Located at 205 Augusta Ave in Kensington Market.

Snack Club Collective is a screen printing collective consisting of Jackie Lee, Joanna Labriola, Alex Brownell, Stephanie Cheng, Christine te Bogt, and Jordynn Mackenzie. Each member hand prints their work out of a studio in Toronto. They will be selling  a variety of posters, notebooks, cards, and textiles. Come check it out and say hi!