Learn the tools and basics involved in carving soft linoleum. The material is easy to work with and allows any beginner to create a print with very little effort. This workshop will show you how to transfer your drawings or pre-existing images onto the lino, and focus on a few carving techniques that will transform your drawing into a beautiful carved print.

Lino (Linoleum) Carving Workshop – An Introduction to Lino Block Carving and Printing

Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: $80, materials are included
Michael Viglione of Kid Icarus This class will introduce you to the basic methods of linoleum carving. All tools, lino material, paper and ink will be supplied, even some imagery; in case your stuck on ideas or drawing is not your forte.
You will leave this workshop with: – A carving tool and few greeting cards and/or gift tags that you have created using your new carving knowledge!

Feel free to bring along a 4”x 6” digital print out of a drawing or image you would like to carve. It doesn’t have to be a negative or printed in reverse, it will be used to trace and transfer onto your block.

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