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Hoglumps Q + A

Hoglumps is run by the talented Alex Brownell.
Lovely screen printed goods and textiles, handmade in Canada.
Check out our Hoglumps Artist Q + A!

How did you start?
I’ve been sewing since I was a child, I think I learned to sew in Brownies (the thing before Girl Scouts). I would make little plushies from socks, and alter clothing to my taste. My interest in sewing led me to the Craft & Design program for textiles at Sheridan College. There I learned more about dyeing and screen printing fabric. From there I started to make my own little projects on the side and sell at a few craft shows. And so Hoglumps slowly began.

What is your process? What art tool could you not live without?
My process starts with a rough sketch and notes of my idea. Then I create a more detailed drawing with colour choices. Next I usually source fabric and hardware and make a few prototypes. I then screen print my fabric and cut out the pattern pieces. Then, SEW! Lots of sewing. And ironing. 
One tool I could not live without is a nice sharp pair of fabric scissors. Oh and clear gridded rulers! They both make the process so much easier.  

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from a lot of things. Stuff that makes me laugh or smile, like comic books or my cat, flowers and bugs I see on a walk. I also get a lot of inspiration to continue making by watching my friends and mentors make a living from their work. Watching them succeed is awesome. 

Is there anything you are currently working on that you are excited about?
Recently I have been playing with the idea of making some clothes with my screen printed patterns. I also just opened an online shop on Etsy. 

For more info on Hoglumps:
Instagram: @hoglumps