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Let’s Talk Print Books!

We’ve got a bunch of printmaking how-to books at our Kensington location that we’re super excited about!¬† Screen printing, relief, letterpress… and more! Pick up a new hobby or add to your existing print knowledge this spring with one of our many books about print making. Let us help you expand your library!



For someone starting out printing or for anyone looking to beef up their overall print knowledge, The Printmaking Bible is the book for you! ($66)


A brief history of screen printing and some techniques for beginners or those looking to perfect their practice, Little Book of Screen Printing might be the one! ($30)


Featuring over 200 examples of wide ranging letter pressed works, Adventures in Letterpress will be a fun read for letter press lovers! ($30)


Everything you need to know about printing your own beautiful fabrics with printing techniques including digital printing, screen printing, stenciling, block printing, and resist dyeing, Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design is too cool to pass up! ($35)

Our newest edition to our collection of print making book, Ladies of Letter Press features the best work of the members of Ladies of Letterpress, an international organization that champions the work of women printers. ($54)

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