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Posters for Ethnic Aisle!

Ethnic Aisle is a publication that “collects and links to the thoughts of mouthy bloggers, journalists and everyday peeps who actually hail from those mysterious diverse communities you hear so […]

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Polaris Music Prize 2015: Braids

More Polaris? Oh yes, more Polaris. Calgary’s Byron Eggenschwiler designed this storybook-like poster for 2015 Polaris short list nominee Braids‘ album, Deep in the Iris.  2015 Polaris Prize nominee Braids’ Deep […]

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Polaris Music Prize 2015: Caribou

Another year, another batch of Polaris Prize posters! Screen printed here at Kid Icarus headquarters in the heart of Kensington Market. Here’s Ottawa’s Jamie McLennan of Character Creative‘s take on Caribou‘s Our […]

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